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  1. Can we just fast forward through this season and get to 2022, please? (2022 can't possibly be worse, right?)
  2. Well, that should do it since the Twins aren't legally allowed to score after the 3rd inning.
  3. Twins, thank God, scored 2 runs that inning....but pretty concerning that they loaded the bases with zero outs and didn't actually get a base hit outside of the lead off man. Gotta convert more on those opportunities! Let's drive some runs in!
  4. Colome is awful. He hasn't had a single good outing, always an adventure with him
  5. So Polanco and Garver both look totally lost. Thinking that 2019 was a massive outlier for both. Neither has shown anything to prove otherwise
  6. Rocco proves once again that he just simply isn't a great "in-game" manager. I think overall he's a great manager when it comes to creating a vibe that breeds season-long success and is good for the 162 game grind. However, he's never going to be that guy that pulls the right levers at the right time to secure a victory. Maybe he'll develop into that as he gains more experience, but he seems to really struggle with some of these chess moves. Tough loss
  7. So sick of this year after year. Whether it's the Wild, Vikings, or Twins. (Timberwolves don't count). It's just never ending. Exhausting. Demoralizing.
  8. This offense is DREADFUL. That's all I got. Have a great Sunday, y'all
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