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  1. Are we going to see an outfield of Buxton, Kepler and Kirilloff, then in late game defensively bring in Gordon to play left field? I don't know how much of a look Gordan has had in left field but he looked pretty decent in center last year.
  2. I'm hoping they're thinking a reliever role this year at the majors level then starter the next. The Johan Santana did it, then Liriano did it. With him as a reliever and with what we have our relievers would be top notch. One more quality starting pitcher then I will really be excited about this year.
  3. Duran will probably have problems with his arm as a starting pitcher. With his plus fastball and secondary pitches I think he would be a realistic pitcher this year in the majors. He has pitched in all parts of the minor leagues. What does everyone think?
  4. Everyone is so enamored with power and slugging percentages is baseball right now. You need a guy to lead off, get on base for the guys behind you to hit and bat you in. The one thing the game is missing is the Ricky Henderson's of the world. There not much more exciting than having a base stealer who can steal you 50 bases a year, that's like turning a single into 50 doubles, it just revs that crowd up and you can feel the excitement. It puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher and catcher and gives the batter a lot of good balls to hit out of the park. Can you imagine have Martin one first base 40% of the time with Donaldson, Buxton, Karilloff, Sano or Garver hitting with him on. They will see some good pitches because the pitcher is afraid Martin is going to steal second, then third. I hope he starts in left field, can you imagine the defensive outfield with Martin, Buxton, Kepler. Best defensive outfield in baseball right there, and all of them can potentially hit.
  5. This year, more than most FO is in a dilemma. He needs starting pitching but he has multiple pitchers ready to make their MLB debuts later this year and Meada coming back at the end of this year. In order to sign good quality pitching they would want multiple year contracts of good money, what then do you do with your pitchers ready to debut. This is a bad year for this question, last year would have been the better year to ask that question. This year the Twins are hamstrung with several pitchers ready to make their MLB debut and prove that FO knows how to build a pitching pipeline in Minnesota.
  6. Potentially, pretty good if we can add quality pitching. First off, trade Kepler for some quality pitching, he seems to be a break out candidate the past 3-4 years but never does and experts always have an excuse for him. He is what he is. Trade him and that will give right field to Kirilloff, Buxton in center and bring Austin Martin up to play left field. With Martin in left field Buxton can cheat to right field to help Kirilloff. Infield, Donaldson and Polonco are penciled in at third and second, play Nick Gordon at short and bring Jose Miranda up to play first with Sano batting DH. I think thats a pretty competitive offense and defense. However, again, it's all going to be finding pitching. Losing the season before last really put us a year behind in pitching. If we didn't lose that year I think we would have some really good, quality pitching prospects pitching in the bigs this year, as it sits we are one year away, unless you want to push them up anyways. That's why I sign Carlos Rodon to a 20+ million dollar a year contract for 1 or 2 years, put him on top as the ace and go from there. If he pitches well and we go nowhere we can trade him at the trade deadline for more prospects. This is my 2 cents worth TC from CB
  7. I'm thinking there done with starting pitchers, if they get a pitcher it will be the relief variety. Simmons will help Dobnak immensely.
  8. Do we say no to Rosario and Cruz, take that money, go after Trevor Bauer then move Sano to DH with the combination of the upcoming threesome between left field and 1st base,
  9. I'd like to see them take that money, add some more and seriously go after Trevor B. Is that a possibility?
  10. give him his two years. His presence is invaluable and the twins will work something out I would think. With Rosario probably gone we will need a presence in the middle of the order to help Sano.
  11. Romo - gone conzalez - gone Avila - gone Cipllard - keep, valuable in any role in bullpen
  12. Keep Cruz for dug out continuity Odorizzi - keep, cant find a better # 4 pitcher who can pitch like a #2 Rosario - gone Rogers - gone, has lost what ever he had previous years May - keep, our most dominant relief pitcher Hill - gone
  13. To me the Twins are between a rock and a hard place with their roster. What happens if Buxton, Sano, Berrios, or even Kepler lives up to their potential. Buxton hits for a 290 average with his usual defense, Sano hits over 40 bombs and has a 270 batting average, Berrios wins 20 games with over 200 strike outs and Kepler hits 30 bombs with at 270 batting average. You spend 20 plus million dollars over 7 years on someone like Manny Machado and what do you do with our own if the switch flips and they produce like everyone thinks they should. Unfortunately the Twins are not able to have the payroll of the the Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers have and would have to get rid of a couple of them. What happens if Gibson all of a sudden figures it out and wins 20 games. its all possible and it could all happen next year if the stars align. The problem is the Twins have too many young players with high ceilings, and high ceilings means big payroll in the near future and Falvey and Levine have to keep that in mind when they put this years roster together.
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