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  1. One of the kindest people I have had a chance to share small amount of time with. He went far out of his way to encourage me and my family during a tough time and has stayed in touch ever since I honestly can not be happier for Joe. A great human being.
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I completely agree there are more than a few ways to looks at numbers. Love the fishing analogy, however I'd still rather have the guy who catches more fish. Same with rbi. If player A have 130 rbi vs player B has 80 in less chances both out of the number 4 spot in the lineup. I choose player A. Player A probably was healthier and had more opportunities...but he also delivered with these opportunities. I also watch alot of games. So in the Miranda/Abrue example. I already knew Miranda delivered at a higher percentage of opportunities...no need to look into it. I love anylitcs but I also love counting stats. There are numerous examples of how both tell the story. As somebody mentioned above a team made of the top rbi producers beats a team of top percentage of runs driven in players everytime.
  3. How is it possible to have a better stat to show the effectiveness of driving in runs....other than the one stat that actually counts the number of runs driven in?
  4. Love the idea. However there is noway Lewis plays 130 games. Coming off a second ACL.
  5. If I had a dime for everytime the term "piggyback" is used on here...well I'd be a rich man. Sounds like the "in" term to say the past four years. Though the Twins have rarely used the piggy back approach. Oh look another dime
  6. 4.7 is not good. I'm hoping our goal is not to be average in this or any department like this. It is far enough blow average to be at the bottom.
  7. I can attest to Frank Nigro being a really great person. So proud of him! Had the opportunity to spend some time with him in the spring and early summer. He even took time out of his busy schedule to sit with me and watch an entire Mighty Mussels game from behind home plate. Sharing lots of knowledge as well. Happy to see these wonderful people recieve recognition they deserve. Thankyou for this post Seth!
  8. Well considering writers and posters are still beating up on Donaldson...after he's not played a game for us for over a year...I'm guessing the hate will be real.
  9. Wow...so fans consider him a bust? Ya...thats being reasonable. I guess I differ on the meaning of a bust.
  10. I have a feeling that will not happen. So I guess we see whos feeling is right?
  11. But who says they decide to not replace those dollars saved? That's my fear. Not calling them cheap...but very opportunistic. There are definitely no promises made they will spend the dollars saved on other areas of team need.
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