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  1. Last year definitely was not must watch baseball...though I did suffer threw it.
  2. Also many wanted Luis traded as well. Thank goodness our FO does not take advise from the forums.
  3. Definitely my favorite content every month. Thankyou Seth. Really appreciate including the short season teams. I've been excited for the start of the FCL Twins especially. Will be making a trip down to see them and Mussels play again in July. Truly fun great baseball. Talent can really stand out in these leagues. Ie... Emma Rodriguez..
  4. I really can not. Just injury and glove and I hope.
  5. He is soooo far over rated...like I can't believe it..like omg.
  6. Looks like your original quote has been deleted or removed. But yes I have had the blessing to meet personally alot of these players. How would you personally feel if someone referred to one of your family members in such a bad way.
  7. No I was referring to a comment. I think your article was informative and helpful. Thankyou for the info.
  8. Is there any POSSIBLE way we could retrain from calling people dumb especially players we cheer for and support and or other commentators and or implying who may or may not have a lower IQ for being vaccinated or not? These are human beings with there own personal decisions with underlying factors. Thankyou
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