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  1. Great question. I will be there a few days after you arrive. I'd love to know how your first few days work out if you still go. Thanks
  2. When has he ever been even close to our 9th. 8th, or even 7th best offensive player? What stats or metrics are you using to grade him this low? I'm guessing if his career numbers put him as our 8th best batter we would have one heck of a lineup.
  3. Why are so many fans on here down on JD? He's been and will continue to be a valuable player. Look at his numbers from last year. Why trade him and have the owners pocket the savings? I really wish we wouldn't be so adamant about trading our stars. We would be very lucky if Mirnda ever puts up anywhere close to Josh's numbers at any point in his career, and definitelywill not as a rookie. I respect others opinions, but completely don't understand the.."let's trade our star" opinions.
  4. So many bad comparisons and talking in circles here. Thanks for nothing.
  5. Very well stated. "PO'd sums up my feelings as well. I don't understand not beating the offer from Stroman and or Ray. Other than Rodon....who is left? Bundy should be a flyer pick up, nothing more than a number 3. Where the heck are we going to get our top starters from? Very frustrating is right.
  6. I have to ask, why would you rather have Bundy than Ray, Stromen, or Gausmen? Honestly. Why?
  7. Yes, all good. From the players and coaches I have spoke with, they do not pay for the dorms in Fort Myers, as stated. I guess I miss read, that you said they did pay..
  8. Yes this is fact, I've had the opportunity to meet many host families. That's why I questioned your original post. There seems to be alot of misinformation on here sometimes....unfortunately..
  9. Are you positive it's not free in Fort Myers? I was told by a few players the dorms at the facility were free. With they should be.
  10. Yes they are having instructs camp this year. I truly hope your broken heart has healed buddy.
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