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  1. Making adjustments is key in this game. Some will, some can't or won't. Kudos he chose to and was able to.
  2. I believe he will get more guaranteed as A FA was my point. And I'm saying we will have to wait and see, but yes he will.
  3. We will agree to disagree. That offer has no, absolutely 0 percent chance. He can get guaranteed money as a FA. I guess we shall see.
  4. He will get 20 mil plus for at least 5 years on open market. With guys on here wanting to give him a 45 mil contract, It would be better to just say you don't want him...and that's ok. But 45 million? C'mon.
  5. He doesn't want incentives...it's guarantees he will be looking for
  6. I truly can not believe this is a discussion. I guess we all have our opinions, and mine is, ridiculous.
  7. Great article. One question I would like to ask is....do pitchers have any or alot of input into there pitch and or inning limits? Just curious if it's completely a organizational decision or 60/40, 80/20 as far as limits.
  8. I have many issues, you can ask the wife. But my largest concern is our manager. I believe if we have any hope of being competitive next year, we will need an elite manager.
  9. Ok so no AL and Nl? Or one has 3 divisions one has 2? How do you do this with separate leagues? Have to keep Nl and AL separate.
  10. Honestly, I can take a bad season...like this year. But I can not listen or support Rocco. Be great if he proves me wrong, but he couldn't lead a horse to water.
  11. I've gone to spring training every year for 8 years running..including start of last years. I live out of market and pay decent money to access there games. I've watched over 90% of the games in last 4 years..either live or dvr. This year I havnt watched a game since June 1. Last 2 years broke me I think do to not going for it at the deadline for a pitcher no matter the cost... and hoarding prospects. Feel like my team broke me. May not be rational, but it's my truth. We had a good team in 2019, never supplemented the roster. Lost lots of respect for Rocco along the way. Probably won't respond until a change is made in manager position. He adds nothing to a really good team and makes bad teams worse. But hey.
  12. Great write up. I sounds like he would need protection at end of year, so hopefully he gets looked at I guess.
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