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  1. For somebody that can't crack 90mph he had a terrible attitude. Was time to cut and run.
  2. This thread is amazing. 3 games...just...lol. nothing to see here...move along. Come back in mid May.
  3. Preller is a notable for selling low. I love this deal...Rooker was expendable and Rogers wasn't going to be the piece that makes or breaks this season. Really think this FO is coming into their own.
  4. I've got a feeling the padres flip manea to the twins. Wouldnt be surprised to see kepler end up out the door with the twins getting a manea and one other pitcher.
  5. lol what? This is TD...if he doesn't crush it in the first few starts, this board will want him DFA'd.
  6. Sounds a bit entitled for somebody with an ERA of a 100 this spring. If he feels like he's being treated unfairly, maybe they should just cut him. I hear doordash is hiring.
  7. Joke's on him...he's been brutal this spring.
  8. 100% they are trying...but my guess is that as soon as the Correa signing was announced, the ask from any team went up. Just depends on if the twins are willing to pay the price.
  9. Generally speaking, spring performance doesn't matter as the sample size is too small....especially a shortened one such as this. With analytics regime in place, the FO already knew what their roster was going to look like on opening day barring trades or injuries.
  10. Anybody interested in getting a league together? Was thinking something like $50-$100 buy-in. Reply if your might want to play.
  11. because Petty is 4-5 years away from the majors and there is no guarantee that he is going to even make it. If he was a top 5 overall pick, I might question it, but I think for the current on field product, its an excellent swap.
  12. IF JD is healthy and Miranda rakes the first part of the summer, then trade him for pitching. That's a big IF though. JD's calf is half dead at this point, so he probably misses a fair amount of time which will give Miranda plenty of ab's. If he rakes in his debut...trade him for pitching.
  13. I think it's worth noting that while Keith Law is the most well regarded name that people turn to, it's somewhat impossible for him to have his finger on the pulse. He has 30 teams to cover and roughly 600+ prospects to keep tabs on. When it comes to the Twins, i'd place WAY more faith in the staff here and their opinions/rankings over what Keith Law or some other national scribe thinks.
  14. Rookie GM F's up his first trade. Boston fans going to eat him alive.
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