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  1. How about a batting order based on salary? Highest paid at the top, lowest salary at the bottom. That way they can get the most "bang" for the buck!
  2. Let's face it. Pro sports, baseball in particular, are losing ground. Millionaires and Billionaires fighting over revenues that probably aren't sustainable. Maybe they should be looking at cost cutting instead of inflationary lockouts and strikes. Maybe players should be paid hundreds of thousands instead of hundreds of millions. Maybe the owners should respond by cutting ticket prices and reducing the fees that Regional Sports Channels pay, etc. I know this is crazy talk, and none of this will happen. Personally, I can't justify spending extra to get a streaming package that includes Bally. I'll probably never attend another game. We, as a nation, are standing at the precipice of hyper inflation. When it comes down to heating the house and feeding my family or supporting pro sports...bye bye pro sports.
  3. I'm a retired factory worker. I can't afford to go to games, I can't justify switching to a higher priced streaming service just to watch Bally Sports. So after decades of being a loyal Twins baseball fan, my interest has waned. Now the millionaires and billionaires are fighting over amounts of money I can barely comprehend. I don't support either side, and no matter which side "wins", rest assured that baseball as a whole loses. I do enjoy checking out Twins Daily from time to time to keep up a little bit.
  4. I check scores and read a few articles here and there. I do enjoy reading about players and teams I used to follow. I was a diehard fan. Not any more. Bally Sports isn't part of my streaming package. IMO, the players and owners are out of touch with reality. Greed is rampant. I don't envision attending a game ever again. The average working person can't afford to be a fan.
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