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Stealing home?

Just curious...


How recently has there been a straight steal of home (not a result of attention paid to another runner on the bases)

Has a catcher catching on one knee ever been a contributing factor?

Has a runner gained home on fielder indifference?

And the pay off pitch:

Buxton was on third for a while last night.

If he had tried to steal home on strike 3 of the 3rd out, in what circumstances would the run count? Does he have to leave before the pitcher starts his motion to the plate? Does it count if he touches home before the catcher catches the pitch? In the event of a bounced strike, does it count if he touches before the catcher tags the batter, but not if the catcher throws to first?


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If the pitch is strike 3 the run does not count, even if the runner reaches home before the pitch arrives. I believe that is true even if the catcher does not receive the ball cleanly and the batter is put out before he reaches first base because it is a force play and no run is awarded on a play in which the batter makes the third out on a force play.

Regarding fielder indifference, that's an interesting question. I suppose it would have to be very obvious, for example the pitcher not making a throw or pitch on the play. I'm going to ask an umpire friend of mine to see what he says.

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