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Comments on 41 MLB baseball I visited with 5 to go


I've been to 41 MLB parks with 40 since 1993. I missed 5 or 6 starting in the early 1990s when I landed my first computer job and then joined Cardiovascular Research and Radiology in 1992 where I received 22 days paid vacation. I went on 2 trips with 7 baseball parks to the East in 1994 with 2 in Canada and the HOF and all of the parks west of Colorado in 1995 along with 10 National Parks.


I hated old Tiger and Yankee Stadiums and Milwaukee being replaced. I hate the cramped Fenway and the parking and Wrigley should be replaced as well. San Diego 2, the new and departed, stadiums and the Angels are mediocre compared to Dodger stadium. I wished I would have visited the Mistake by the Lake as Cleveland's Jacob Field no longer thrills.


Dodger Stadium is wonderful and may last for another 50 years. The Pirates stadium uses the riverfront the best and wonderful on the eyes. KC's is wonderful with the water fountains as well.


The gimmick stadiums like Enron in Houston and the Marlins are a joke. I haven't been to the Bob in Arizona whatever it's new name, but, that swimming pool.


My Cardinals stadium should be above the Mississippi. San Francisco Candlestick park when I visited I had goosebumps where the sun wasn't shining on ball day in 1995 with 6 boys, my nephew and my cousins 5 boys. Then when I went to their new stadium whatever they call it now my 6 year old daughter liked the play area. Target Field is better than the Metrodome, but, it doesn't hit the top 10.


The Kingdome and Metrodome were bad as was Olympic stadium. I've seen Tropicana Dome in Tampa, but, haven't gone to a game. Atlanta's two previous stadiums sucked.


The Nationals new stadium well you can see monuments in the distance. The old RFK had some history. The Rangers previous stadium was the hottest place I ever watched a game with proud Texans still waiting for a title.


Camden Yards is a site to behold with warehouses. The Skydome is cavernous in Toronto and should have kept its name. The Reds new ballpark was done on the cheap as was the White Sox who should have moved to Tampa. Shea was bad because of planes overhead, but, though I haven't been to the new I haven't read anything spectacular about it.


I hate Colorado's stadium because of the offense and the Rock pile bleachers.


5 to go, New York Mets, Atlanta, Texas, Arizona and Tampa Bay. Isn't Oakland building one?


Indianapolis could get a team, but, no big stadium built yet and none on the drawing board. They would really be the best next city being in the center of the NL Central teams. Not Portland, not Montreal and North Carolina could, but, which city? Not sure about Nashville. None south of the border in case their currency collapses and income levels. I love Vancouver and Calgary, but, they are hockey cities.




P.S. I've eaten hot dogs at 25 or so stadiums before the prices got out of hand and I love our grilled hot dogs the best. Hate Wrigley's and the Dodger dog. I wish stadiums had restaurants like our ballpark village that hangs above outside the stadium which hosted the frozen outside NHL game one season. I've sit in those bleacher seats across the street to see a game. I've never been to the Marriot where people try to get a glimpse. I would love to see a game on Wrigley's rooftops which is the best argument of preserving it since it's been extensively remodeled. The urinal trough is a feature.


The previous Busch you could get into free after or during the 7th inning which is no longer the case after 2005.


I wish the Tiger's right field overhang was approved by the local fire codes. I was there in 1994. Have escape slides or something. It was a different view. I like all of the different seatings I've sit in my 2 ballparks though I've not been in the luxury boxes unlike our hockey arena.


P.S. I like Autozone Park in Memphis which did draw 1 million fans. Davenport's stadium next to Mississippi is beautiful and special. I've been to one Spring training game in Jupiter and the HOF twice.


PS2: I missed Mile High in Denver by a year. An executive offered me tickets to the Astrodome, but, it was out of my way as I drove 3000 miles in Mexico. I saw the outside of Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia and should have waited around for the night game of that awkward field. Missed the old Comiskey by a year or so and Cleveland and Baltimore's by a year or two. I was 1 when Sportsman Park was demolished.


I only watched a few innings this year. The Ballpark village was opened across the street in St. Louis.


I wished my pop would have taken me to Crosley and Forbes and KCs previous stadium since he introduced me to the Cardinals and I would have been 5 or so.

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 where I received 22 days paid vacation. 

Only 22? I get 10 weeks :)


You haven't been to Target Field yet? Or did I miss the reference?


I actually don't mind where the ChiSox play ... not great, but I don't think it's awful, either, just kind of meh, nothing special, and much prefer it to watching a game to Wrigley. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... Wrigley is the historic place, and yeah, everyone should see a game there, but visibility is poor and seating cramped in most of the park, not to mention the logistics of getting in and out.


Loved AT&T ... and didn't mind the chill, because, well, I was prepared for it ... it is San Francisco, on the water, after all.


Milwaukee ... eh, sitting in a coffee can.


Haven't been to a lot yet ... even with my 10 weeks paid vacation.


And I love the Twins ST facilities ... it's done very well, imo, and enjoy both ST games as well as Miracle (ooops, Mightly Mussels) games.

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Thanks for sharing, very cool. I've taken some road trips as well. To jump on the bandwagon here:


- San Fran's park is awesome, it looks just as good if not better in person. It's the real deal. Also very very CHILLY.  Do yourself a favor and set some money aside and go.


- Pittsburgh also has a great park. Nestled right downtown on the river, also a fun area to kind of walk around. Well done.


- I went to a Marlins game back when they were called the "Florida Marlins" and they played at the Dolphins football stadium (now called Hard Rock park). Awful. Not sure what the worst part was, the humidity, the sightlines, or the fact that it was an $80 cab ride to the park from South Beach.


- I've been to Milwaukee's park several times. Frankly I think it's terrible. When they close the "flaps" behind the outfield it gets very hot inside. Location is outside of downtown, decent for parking lot tailgating but that's about it. Swing and a miss on Miller Park for sure IMO.


- St. Louis was a nice park. The downtown itself is kind of abandoned, aside from a few stadium bars the area is kind of desolate. Nice looking place overall.


- Also been to both Chicago stadiums several times. Wrigley's great, as long as you keep your expectations realistic. It's historic and therefore there are limits. They used to have the crappiest set of televisions for fans to watch when they weren't in their seats or when they were in the obstructed view seats. Like TV sets from 1985 mounted on steel brackets everywhere. I also feel that the new huge scoreboard they put in the OF was a mistake. Takes away from the atmosphere. Food is terrible, just avoid it. Bathroom lines are insane, particularly for the unfortunate female fans. The neighborhood makes up for everything and then some.


- As for Guaranteed Rate Field, it's the last of the "mega parks" and you can tell. Very steep steps in the upper deck. They have a great view of the city but it's directly behind home plate - instead of facing a great view of an amazing skyline, you look out and see a freeway and the Robert Taylor homes (some infamous housing projects). The surrounding area is improving but it's got a long way to go. Go for the game, get back on the red line and go home. The food is great here, best polish sausages, brats, dogs I've had. The smells are fantastic in that park and make up for a lot.


- Went to old Yankee Stadium in its last year of existence. Loved it, had fun in the bowling alley across the street before the game. Had a great, very gritty Bronx vibe. Can't speak for the new place.

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 Target Field is better than the Metrodome, but, it doesn't hit the top 10.


Out of curiosity, which ones do make the top 10? You clearly love Dodger Stadium, and mentioned KC and Pittsburgh as ones you like but most of your comments seems to be about why you didn't like certain parks. 


I've been to about 25 MLB parks, and another 35 or 40 Minor League, Spring Training, and Winter ball parks. Target Field would probably sit in the bottom of the top 10 for MLB for me. I put it in a similar tier as Petco in San Diego and TMobile in Seattle. 


I actually like both St Louis and Cincinnati as being underrated parks. I liked Fenway and used to love Wrigley - sitting in the front of the upper deck was really a perfect experience - but video boards are so big and completely take away from the beauty of the park. 


For the minors, I'd have to put Fort Wayne at the top of my list. I love how it fits right into the middle of the city. 


Indianapolis could get a team, but, no big stadium built yet and none on the drawing board. They would really be the best next city being in the center of the NL Central teams.

 Not sure where that's coming from, but Nashville is probably the frontrunner for any city - other than perhaps Montreal - to be the next MLB city. There actually is an effort to get an MLB team and build a new ballpark - possibly next to the Titans stadium - in Nashville, although that's still a long way from being reality. I've never seen even any serious talk for anything like that for Indianapolis. 

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I actually like both St Louis and Cincinnati as being underrated parks. I liked Fenway and used to love Wrigley - sitting in the front of the upper deck was really a perfect experience - but video boards are so big and completely take away from the beauty of the park. 



That is probably the only place I'd sit if/when I go back there for a game. Anywhere else, and you miss seeing part of the field. As I said, Wrigley is historic, and for that reason everyone should go to a game there for the experience of it, but I would not spend money to attend games there regularly.

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Charlotte should be the next MLB city. It’s booming, it’s already much bigger than both Indianapolis and Nashville, and it would also draw from Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and the Rock Hill area of South Carolina. Plus there’s absolutely nothing geographically in between the Braves and the Nationals.

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