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5 Phillies test postive for COVID-19, they and 3 other teams shut down camps

Nine of twelve


It's IL, not DL.  I'm also not being pedantic, I'm pointing out an obvious flaw in the numerical logic--namely that even in a full 162 game season last year, probably only about 1500 to 1600 players were paid $100k by a major league team.  It's no surprise that when salaries are cut by 63% (which is less of a cut than the owners are taking in revenue, by the way), that the proportion of players making below $100k increases.  Last year to make $100k, a player only needed to be on a roster for about 1/6 of the season--this year it will be almost half.  The numbers simply don't add up, and at the end of the year, I am willing to bet that nowhere near 42% of players made less than $100k.



That comment is the definition of pedantic... :lol:

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That comment is the definition of pedantic... :lol:


And this is the definition of a loaded statement.  I say you're something, and by you denying it, it only confirms you are what I say.  The original number seemed illegitimate, which I demonstrated it was.


As for IL vs DL, that's a serious thing--serious enough that MLB changed it.  Continuing to use the ableist term DL shows dismissiveness towards the experience of thousands of humans.

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