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Gibson 2nd best pitcher on Twins, Molitor gets unfair criticism




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Ok, I really think he is tied with Berrios.....I cant understand the constant banging of Gibson. Yes he has pitched some terrible gamea but he also has pitched some gems, and has been competitive in other games. Yes he fails about 25% of the time....but do you have a better option? Not only is he the best option the Twins have as middle rotation pitcher.....but he should come back next year as well, Souhan is wrong.


On this subject do you realize how many clunkers Berrios has thrown? What Berrios will show up tonight?


On the subject of Molitor..what else do you want him to do? Two of three years he has the Twins in the playoff hunt, I guess you prefer Gardenhire?



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Kyle Gibson benefits from the sad fact that there is a dearth of pitching.  The just under 3m a year contract is not money sucking. What he would get in arbitration is the question. Salazar for the Indians did not get much of a raise with way better numbers last year. Of the top of my head I can't think of a comparable to Gibson, hence Salazar's arb negotiation would lead me to believe Gibson will not get much of a raise. Much to the chagrin of many here, Gibson will actually be cheap enough to keep. Cheap enough to get a prospect for if Mejia, Mays and a prospect emerge during the season next year. Colon could also be back if he does not get to 244 and retires.  Of course if they think Slegers can fill the role  that Gibson plays, Gibson is gone.  That role would be sinkerball pitcher that keeps you in a game and eats innings. On too many nights, Gibson had not done that.

In a universe where there are only 84 pitchers who have pitched 120 major league innings this year Gibson would fit the criteria for second best starter as only Santana has pitched that many innings. By bwar, not even in the rotation

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One month of acceptable performance does not eliminate or forgive Gibson's body of work. He is one of the worst (if not THE worst) starting pitchers in Twins history.

Pat Mahomes, Vic Abury Pete Filson, Jim Deshailes, PJ Walters, and Ricky Nolasco are among the many that are thankful for short memories.

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What Berrios will show up tonight?



7 scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts and just 5 baserunners. Berrios may have had some clunkers, but it's clear he's improving and he's going to keep getting better. Gibson is OK and it's not quite time to boot him out of the rotation, but he simply doesn't have the upside Berrios does.

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See what Gibson can do if he enters the free-agent marketplace, that is the question.


Is he worth even the cheap cost you can pay to keep him?


Colon, he of 1 1/2 pitches, will test the free agent marketplace. Remember, the Twins are paying a pittance for him the remainder of this season and he managed to grab millions from Atlanta. Is he worth that roll of the dice in 2018?


Be interesting to see how the new administration values the work of all the field staff. They want someone they can work with. Not to say they can't work with Molitor. But the off-season will be interesting. Especially organizational wise in the realm of coaches and such.

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Santana got a lot of crap, completely unnecessary IMO, because he was human for a month and had some bad games mixed in with some great performances. He remains high quality, there is no evidence of a cliff coming, and I'm glad he is still a Twin.


Berrios is only 23/24, I forget now, and showing great stuff and potential. Far better than Gibson.


I've been a believer and apologist for some time in regard to Gibson. Despite his horrible start to the season, something happened to him in the Seattle series a month or so ago when Molitor chewed his ass on the mound. He still hasnt been great, but hes been more aggressive overall and has shown life, especially recently. But is this maturation and promise of tomorrow? Or an aberration? September will tell.


While I'd love to see him "grow up" as a pitcher and just trust his stuff, I remain unsure. I think I'm in the camp of signing the best FA SP we can, and maybe holding on to Colon, and audition anyone and everyone for the 5th spot. Letting Gibson go brings some risk. But at the end of the day...how much? Its up to him to prove us wrong. He has September to do so.

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Being the second best pitcher on the Twins is sort of like me being the second best golfer in my twosome! It's almost unavoidable. Btw, given the facts of Berrios age and experience, or lack thereof, Gibby isn't even the second best Twins starter.

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One month of acceptable performance does not eliminate or forgive Gibson's body of work. He is one of the worst (if not THE worst) starting pitchers in Twins history.

Two words: Ricky Nolasco. Case closed.

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Gibson has good enough "stuff", unfortunately he has rarely brought it to games the past 2 years. Right now I would plan to sign him in off season arbitration for next year more as a cheap place holder than as a proven 3 or 4 in the rotation. Hopefully 2 of Trevor May, Romero or Gonsalves will fight their way into the rotation at some point in 2018. I don't see much in the offseason free agent starter bin that I would want to budget 3 years for and Gibson will only cost 1 year and maybe 5-6 mil. 

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