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Front Office Malpractice.

Ever since 2019.

Horrendous player evaluation judgement. That’s why we have so many players with absurdly low batting averages. Kepler .189, Gallo .188!

What front office comes out of the offseason with the conviction that they have assets in 2 of the most important offense positions in LF and RF in Gallo and Kepler when all the signs pointed to poor offense from both.

But not this poor!

I think it was today’s game where in addition to that FO induced debacle, there were three players with .205, .206, .207. A grand recipe for low scoring and an absolutely putrid offense.

And guess what, in true Happ-Shoemaker fashion, they don’t seem to have the slightest urgency to do anything about it. 

I suffered under the Clavin Griffith mass cheapness induced exodus of staggeringly talented players in the 70s and early 80s so I must be tough enough to endure this.

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I was salty when they let Eddie go in 2020 and even more salty now. Glad to see he got a ring in ATL but would love to have seen him stay and Kepler go. Oh well.

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