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Dream blueprint for the rest of the offseason

Cory Engelhardt



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Ok, I am curious what your individual hopes are for the rest of the offseason, prior to opening day. What other moves or changes are you still hoping for, if anything.

*I will preface this by saying, hoping for a healthy roster doesn't need to be one of the ideas. That is one that everyone should hope for every player on every team, let alone your home team/favorite team that you cheer for.


Ok, if I am going to pick a few things that I want to have happen prior to opening day, here is how I would play out the rest of the offseason. 

1) Extend Tyler Mahle. I really do think he is an arm that you build with/build around. I'm hopeful for a 4 or 5 year extension. 

2) Acquire at least one more reliever who is setup level good. Someone who can slot in at least as a 7th inning (historically) level good. Bringing Fulmer back would work, but I'd be open to any number of the relievers still on the free agent market or via trade. If they want to bring in more than one guy at this level, great!

3) I still think they could use one more right-handed power bat. I will preface this by adding that I'm not truly in love with Voit or Gurriel on the free agent market, and I don't even truly have a name to go after via trade, but my hope would be it could be someone who could play either 1b/3b or a corner outfield spot occasionally. I'll also say that, I still believe there are too many guys on the 40 man who are left-handed hitters who would fit into this description, but I'd prefer someone with more of a track record. (IF you have a target on who this would work for, I'd love to hear it.) And no, Miguel Sano is not an option for me for this answer.





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I agree on Mahle if he can stay healthy. Extend Lopez as well so we dont have to dislike the trade of Arraez even more than we first did. I’d rather see a couple of young guys make the show out of spring training than see another vet brought in. 

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The Twins may add a pitcher to the bullpen during Spring Training if they determine that staff could use another player. A trade is always possible too if another team finds a need to acquire a corner outfielder. The Twins have corner outfielders available for a price. I doubt the Yankees offer Loaisiga for Kepler, for example, but it is possible

I can't think of any right handed bats to add and believe Royce Lewis will be the addition when he is ready.

The front office has not been free with contracts to extend pitchers. Only Dobnak and Paddack have received extensions. Thus I would not expect any of Gray, Mahle, or Maeda to be extended and don't see these three as values beyond their current price. Each would be worth extending for two years for similar contracts but they will be wanting to explore free agency in hopes of obtaining much more money. Lopez is an outside possibility to extend at the end of the year.

The Twins need to anticipate the possibility of a trade in July if the season proceeds successfully for them and brings disappointment to another franchise, because there may be an opportunity to add a significant player or two at that time.

The emergence of young players and prospects along with a potential trade or two in July seems like the most likely course of action. The team has some talent and depth right now and when the snow melts we will have our answers.

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I’d like to pursue a trade for CJ Cron to play 1st base, sign Fulmer and Chafin and sign Gurriel, just one year removed from a batting title, to do the Nelson Cruz thing and be a most of the time DH.

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The 40-man roster is full and there aren't any "easy" cuts. It is know that Paddack and Lewis will go on the 60-day IL as soon as is possible, so there are two spots to be used to bring non-roster players to the team on Opening Day. Perhaps the Twins have minor league contracts offered to legitimate relief pitchers like Chafin and Fulmer. Guys like that are probably waiting for a major league offer, but as time dwindles before pitchers and catchers report, maybe they will sign one of those types. 

A right handed bat capable at first or the outfield would still make sense as well. Free agents are pretty picked over, perhaps Gurriel being the best available. 

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Here's a radical plan. Four simple steps:

1. Trade Larnach, Ober, and either Salas or Emmanuel Rodriquez to the Pirates for Bryan Reynolds. Add in Martin or Reyes if you have to but then Pittsburg throws in a real A or A+ ball pitching or catching prospect, not filler, especially if you add in Reyes. Reynolds goes to LF every day, hits 3 in the order. The trade for Lopez and the emergence of SWR and Varland allows you to do this. 

2. Sign Chafin if you can. If not, sign Fulmer. Bullpen done. 

3. Trade Kepler for prospects, AA or lower. Target the Yankees, Dodgers, or Cardinals as partners. They all need OFs now to contend better and have decent systems.   

4. Extend two of Mahle, Lopez, Maeda and Gray to ensure rotation stability. I vote for Lopez and Mahle if they are healthy. Also ok with Gray. 

Roster is now complete. The OF is Buxton, Gallo, and Reynolds, backed up by Taylor and Gordon.  Starting IF is Kirilloff, Polanco, Correa, and Miranda, backed up by Farmer and Gordon. Catchers are Vasquez and Jeffers, Find another UTL for the last spot, maybe Willi Castro to start off with, or a 3rd Catcher. Don't sign a RH 1B/DH only type; get someone versatile. This is a placeholder for Lewis or Lee. Rotation is P Lopez, Gray, Ryan, Mahle and Maeda, with Varland, SWR, Balazovic, and Dobnak the Saints rotation. BP is Duran, J Lopez, Jax, Chafin/Fulmer, Theilbar, Pagan, Moran, and Alcala, with Coloumbe, Stashak, and Megill at AAA for fill in duty or as a replacement if someone struggles. Batting order is Polanco, Correa, Reynolds, Buxton, Kirilloff, Miranda, Gallo, Vasquez/Jeffers, Gordon (as DH). 

This adds a bat for the middle of the order (albeit at a high cost), strengthens the bullpen, and still leaves us with a solid rotation with some depth. Big bet on Kirilloff but 1B could be Miranda with Farmer/Gordon/Lewis/Lee at 3B if Kirilloff doesn't hit or can't stay healthy.  What do you guys think? 


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@LA VIkes Fan thats a lot to digest. I was just looking on the MLB app depth chart for the twins. It has Miranda starting 3rd, 1st and DH. Seems like they think we need more players. 

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If Mahle is healthy, I absolutely agree there! He can be a key piece if things work the right way. 

As for a RH bat, it would be a luxury, but I also don't think it's necessary. I like Profar as a player, but he is better against righties than lefties, so doesn't exactly fix this problem. I do love me some good positional flexibility though. 

As for a reliever, I think there are a couple guys out there but if they don't fall in love with any of them there are also a few internal options as well maybe? Who could be this year's Griffin Jax? Josh Winder, Jordan Balazovic, or even Matt Canterino are guys who pop out to me as potential moves to the bullpen because of performance or injuries. Not saying it's a perfect solution, but it's possible one of those guys end up putting together a productive year. 

I always find it fascinating to see what front offices do to metaphorically "put the cherry on top" of the offseason. 

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