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Who's on 1st

Doc Munson



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First off, it is very sad to see a fun, popular, and "kid friendly" player such as Arraez get moved. As has been said in many other places though, it was the right baseball move. Has enough time passed where we can ask what the impact will be on the roster?  if so... What is the impact of the Luis Arraez trade on the roster??  hehe

Obviously 2 big areas are immediately impacted.  DH & 1B

Who's On 1st?

Obviously you have to start with Kirilloff. You would assume it is his to lose. Working on the impression the Miranda is 100% moving to 3B. There have been rumors of Yuli Guriel interest, but really if we even consider that, then we need to consider (close your eyes people) Miguel Sano as well.  Guriel was a 85 OPS plus which means he was 15% below average. No tworth a move in my opinon.  DO we move Kepler to 1B?  The down side of the Arraez trade is we are left with very little PROVEN comodity at 1B.


My move is to reach out to Washington and check in on a Kirillof for recently signed Dom SMith direct trade. Can you trade a recently signed FA?? I dont know. short of that move I see it being Kirilloff.  Who do you see as the opening day 1B?


DH is another impacted position,  however with more options, yet equally unproven options. Yes Buxton will take weekly DH ABs, Correa might as well in order to protect long term. I do not see a PURE DH bat on this roster except for possibly Wallner. Gallo is a big bat but supposedly plays some strong defense. Again like 1B there is not a ton of significant upgreads out there at DH.

While I commend Falvie for having patience and getting a good deal for Arraez, the down side of such patience is that quality other options are no longer available.


For the opening day primary DH, I am going to have to go ahead and go with Wallner, or maybe cheat and say a Wallner/Larnach platoon.  WHo do you see as opening day primary DH?


AND if Kepler still gets moved, and there really is no need at this point as we have a pretty solid rotation, maybe for a bullpen arm???  but at this point with a set rotation we might as well go with a quality OF defense of Kepler, Gallo, Buxton.  BTU if he does still get moved,then you have to assume the entore OF/1B/DH logjam is releived and all 3 of Kirilloff, Larnach, adn Wallner are on the openign day roster.  right??





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Kirilloff plays first. On days when he can't,  bring Miranda over and let Farmer play third. Nothing against Farmer but I hope that Kirilloff plays more than 140 games at first and the same for Miranda at third. Maybe get Polanco a few games at first this year and maybe Gordon.

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Ist I thought this was going to be a spin off of a Abbot & Castelo routine.

We still have a ton of options at 1B especially LH. Kiriloff would have 1st shot. Gallo is an option, 1B is Julien's best position & he's knocking on the door, less needed RH we have Miranda & Farmer. We probably have more that have 1B experience that I don't know of.

Arraez slid over to 1B & it became his best position. We have more athletic players than Arraez that can make that transition much more easily if need be. Plus our organization is packed with 1B/ DH players.

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I don't know how Julien is at 1st, but that might be a spot for him if AK doesn't bounce back from latest procedure. Gallo would also be an option. Against lefties I would slide Miranda over and let Farmer have 3rd.

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A healthy Kirilloff hopefully runs away with the position.  Nasty LH bat and the scouts seem to like him at 1st. 

Miranda will certainly take reps there, though I think they would like to maximize his 3b innings to get him experience.

Gallo has played there.

Polanco/ Gordon could see reps there.

Julien if he forces his promotion.


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To me the Larnach/Wallner platoon makes no sense at DH. They are both LH hitters!  If you are going to platoon, I would think you need a LH/RH Option. Maybe you can use Farmer, Taylor or one of the catchers (I know, I know) as your RH option.  We just have TOO many LH hitting OF/DH/1B types (Which is why Arraez, as much as I loved him, was expendable).  I would love to see Kepler traded for a RH hitter of some sort, if not a good BP arm.  This frees up space for Larnach in the OF and Wallner at DH.  But again, too many lefties!

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