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My Realistic Offseason: Sign Cruz, Matz, Pineda




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I did this when it first came out.  but with more information heading into the offseason I changed things around.


I originally had us signing Taylor to be our SS.  But with his name becoming more front and center.  I also have read the Twins are willing to consider bringing back Simmons and he was a gold glove caliber SS.  So I brought him back at a base of 8.00 million.  Galvis or Villar could go here too since this is a stop gap.  I just think that we already know Simmons and he is a defensive specialist.  I do think he can be an 80 to 90 OPS hitter again.  

I also brought back Cruz in this scenario but at 10 million 1 year deal.  I did that for nostalgia more than anything otherwise I am open to the Rosario experience again at 7-8 million I also considered that a short term deal would be better.  As Martin will be ready to step into the equation as is Miranda. and if Larnarch or Rooker start hitting overall then we will have an overabundance of bats....but fo rnow we have a slight shortage.  

Most importantly I signed Buxton to an extension.  an 8 year 80 million guarantee with incentives totaling another 120 million if all are reached.  (Don't ask me to explain the incentives I haven't fully made them up yet but I feel the ability to make 25 million per season seems realistic.  

on the bench I brought in the rookies Rooker and Gordon though Larnarch could be there too.

For the pen.  I kept the pen from last year though added Yates on an incentive laded contract.  I would just do nothing and keep Jax in the pen.  But i love the potential of Yates if he is able to come back from whatever injury ended his season early last season.  

In the rotation I resigned Pineda to a 2 year 22 million contract.

I also signed Matz to a 3 year 42 million deal.  (Since Gray wasn't offered a QO I would do a 4 year 15 million deal for him if he would take it). Other options include Smyly, Desclafani, Duffy,  Note: Desclafani and Gray were not offered a QO. so no draft picks attached to them.  

We need one more starter.  I signed Fiers.  He is coming off of some injury I do not know what it is.  I am assuming he is ready to go opening day.  At his age we can move him to the pen if needed or if Maeda is ready to return or if another starter is ready to bump him from the minors.  Other options include Quintana, Lester, Hill, Andrew Heaney, Jordan Lyles, Urena, and Peralta among others. If we had another 10 million in the budget I would go get another starter with more appeal but we are out of money so the only other option is to trade.  then that would create another hole.  and of course if i didnt sign Cruz we would have more money for pitching.  and that is a real possibility.  I think if either Rooker or Larnarch convinced they were ready and could make adjustments then we wouldnt get Cruz.  But i think if we are going to contend then we want a strong offense.  

Gant and Dobnak are our 6th and 7th starters.  

Total budget is 132.15 million.  just a little above the 130 million.  and that is before incentives for the new extensions and contracts.  

Next I will look at making some trades.  then i will make one with unrealistic expectations.  



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I do want to add that with so many teams with so much money available to spend, I think the higher end of the FA market will get expensive.  Even the 2nd tier will get more than would otherwise.  just my opinion.  

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I am pretty neutral on most of the options listed above; can't really find a lot to criticize, and can't find a lot to get overly excited about, so I could live with pretty much most of it.  3 things do stick out to me though.  First, and always, I just don't see JP approving a budget that high, especially with incentives potentially spiking it considerably higher.  2nd, I don't believe Buxton will go for the contract you are proposing.  He wants superstar money with most, if not all, guaranteed, and he believes he can get it so he simply won't take that low of a guarantee no matter how much the incentives are.  And JP will never approve that much in incentives on top of the guarantee, so I see a trade on the horizon at some point.  3rd, they will never be able to afford a top tier SS on this open market and no one in our system is opening day ready, so bringing back Simmons is not only livable, it is essential.  The infield defense, other than Sano, was more than acceptable last year, and with Donaldson needing someone with range next to him and Polanco needing to stay at 2nd, Simmons fits in perfectly with a gold glove caliber glove.  He was a career 260ish hitter coming here, and a new hitting coach just might get him back to where he is capable of being.  

As I said earlier, the potential additions seem pretty solid in theory, but a trade or two to move salary is the only thing that might make it work within JP's thinking.  And I think Buxton is the one who is ultimately going to go, unfortunately.  So start thinking center field next.  

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