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  1. This seems to be a bit of an oversimplification. Certainly Polanco at second was good for him but it wasn’t good for Arraez. Similarly if we pay for a shortstop we’ll get less pitching in free agency. I am not sure there is a good answer here when you have two second basemen on your roster. Dealing one of these guys foe some starting pitching or an everyday SS might be the best move.
  2. They sucked a lot in regular season, they sucked every post season. I think the obvious point is they suck.
  3. I think it’s a step to far to say the current regime is a failure. However their first attemp has failed and keeping the core together would only be for one more year unless you really open the purse strings. Plus to assume we keep Buxton is a stretch. The big thing standing in the way of blowing this team up is the potential that we get low value in return. No reason to take extreme measures for no payback. I do think it is clear that our new core is the next generation of players. If you can trade the larger contracts, soon to be free agents and focus players you can pair with Arraez, Larnach & Kiriloff. Don’t know what we will do about pitching.
  4. I am watching this team as much as I can with 100% detachment. I really see very little to look forward to. It’s too bad we decided to forgo fundamentals, because I could enjoy a well played baseball game. I fully expect them to dismantle this team and start over. Do it right next time! BTW, those guys totally ruined Sano. Let him hire his own batting coach and do it his own way. He is so bad nobody would even take him for free on waivers.
  5. Baseball puzzles me. More than any other sport guys hold positions based on expectations. When they under achieve, it’s not only a negative for our results but it also takes an opportunity away from another player. How many more wins might we have with Tortuga at first while he is hot? Same with Polanco and Graver. These guys were hurt, but either way they have not shown they will return to top form. Why not make them earn their way back? Arraez, Jeffers and Tortuga should be playing every day until these guys show they have something.
  6. Dude clearly needs the work. Our bullpen has put up good numbers but has been far from sharp. Getting 30 or so pitches per reliever outing and giving them a day off seems like a good approach and May crate opportunities for improvement early on.
  7. Nice preparation Josh. No way you get a pass from me. You were doing a basic thing that millions of people do on a daily basis. You are a professional athlete that gets paid millions. What a joke. Work harder and smarter.
  8. I get the concern for his replacement but I don’t get the free pass on conditioning and preparation. Josh had an easy double so he is at cruise speed, not at I’m being chased by a bear and need to fly speed. How about being in better condition and warmed up properly to survive that circumstance. He needs to be prepared and he wasn’t.
  9. I get the concern for his replacement but I don’t get the free pass on conditioning and preparation. Josh had an easy double so he is at cruise speed, not at I’m being chased by a bear and need to fly speed. How about being in better condition and warmed up properly to survive that circumstance. He needs to be prepared and he wasn’t.
  10. The singular silver lining from a good season that has now been overshadowed by a continuing trend of now showing up for the post season. I don't know what it is, but it seems to be between the ears and I don't think a number of players will be able to shake this off quickly. I thought Threepeat was a difficult accomplishment, but we are entering our third decade of this. Crazy.
  11. Interesting, I like the list but I would say a key indicator of under-rated would be $ per fwar. Mauer would drop off the list based on career numbers.
  12. I am puzzled by this article. Seems like they are stocking the shelves for arguments when he goes down with an injury and misses a bulk of the season. I like the signing, we needed a third baseman, he is a little old, so that contract makes it a risky play. At least our front office is willing to take some risks. I am guessing it's harder to do that with a starting pitcher. We scored almost 6 runs per game last year we better repeat or it will be a long season. JD is expected to be a big part of that.
  13. This is really a frustrating issue for the FO. I am concerned with our rotation and its lack of depth. Any regression, injury or other problems could create a big hole for the team that should win the AL Central. That being said my choice for temporary fifth starter is weather postponements. We have had a relatively mild winter, lets hope there is retribution in the spring, and very well timed, so we only use 4 pitchers well into May.
  14. On paper, probably. However, this team will go as their pitching goes and is likely to me more susceptible to the injury bug in 2020 as compared to 19. It seemed like no matter who went down, somebody came off the bench and performed well above average. An injury (or underperformance) to the pitching staff will create a big gap which is unlikely to be filled. And, I think you can say the same thing if Cruz, Donaldson or Sano go down for an extended period. You could probably add Garver to that list. I have cautious optimism at this point. Last season was awesome, I am not expecting repeat performances like that on an individual basis.
  15. I can’t argue with anything written, however there are a couple of points I would like to add to the debate. Astudillo is a little injury prone and given Garver’s past injuries a reliable back up is critical. I think you can also argue that Astudillo was injured last year which lead to the soft ball stats. He is also a bit of a statistical anomaly and adds to team chemistry. He does have an option so sure send him down but if Garver can’t catch for extended periods of time the Twins will want Tortuga’s bat and the fans will bark at the listless Avila. The last point is that the defensive catcher is becoming less prevalent and the flexibility of Tortuga will prevail. Personally I thing the fanfare around the Avila signing is silly and very likely to show little or no value.
  16. I agree that the discussion should be held by the Twins and potential suitors, however I don't see how you ever get serious about dealing him. I believe the converse to the argument/point is more close to reality. If you have really good depth, I believe you trade your depth, not your best player. Mostly because trading your best player has way more inherent risk. No body will question trading your depth, it makes the most common sense to both insiders and outsiders. And, it is really good depth so you should be able to acquire good talent at whatever position you seek. I don't see it happening.
  17. I don't feel bad for Dozier. I am sure the twins gave him a reasonable offer, but probably too short and his agent advised against it. If he valued his place in the org he should have taken it. Schoop? I expect ~.250, ~20 hr, ~65 rbi. His home and way splits should normalize.
  18. No way bro. Too soon, too risky. I would leave him at 9 all season. Even if he starts taking more walks. He still has too many AB's waiving at breaking pitches out of the strike zone. It's like he cannot read the breaking ball a lot of the time. Kit gloves.
  19. I like Castro, he is a good catcher and if you look past his injury he has had good production. But, the team has evolved past him so as soon as we can get reasonable value for him we should make the move. Also, the writer's data set implies that Castro has won at a rate that was similar to Bobby Wilson (now in triple A somewhere) and Chris Gimenez (no longer playing). Let's leave this point out of the trade negotiations.
  20. Piling on bad pitching does not equate to our offense "taking off" for me. At one point in the first game we were 1-7 with RISP and looked as though we were going to give away the first game to a team that is worse than the Blue Jays. I enjoyed the games, I am happy with the outcome, but I am not satisfied with the FO's effort to secure the opportunity that sits right in front of us. We deserve better. The team is spending below budget after their promise to do otherwise when we built them a stadium. Not cool!
  21. What is up with Romero? He had some great starts last year and can't get even one clean inning as a reliever.
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