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  1. Twins like cheap..., but it probably depends on what they decide on Buxton.
  2. The Twins have a perceived strength at catcher and they need to keep it. Might be better to see how the upcoming season goes and either way it goes an in season trade might be more prudent.
  3. I don't know why they would even consider trading Garver. In my opinion catcher is the most important position player in major league baseball. Even though Jeffers and Rortvedt put up some disappointing numbers this season they are good catchers. But they are no Garver. The Twins have a strength at catching and need to keep it. Trying to plug a leak while creating another just doesn't work and this organization has proved that in the past. The fact is the Twins don't have a lot of asset strength (depth) to trade... except for maybe 3rd base.
  4. If Royce Lewis hadn't been injured I'd say move him. But with the merry-go-round of injuries this year and the lack of depth in the minors for middle infield I'd say keep him. I believe Polonco needs some some stability and to switch him back to short in the middle of the season won't do anything for the team nor for him. They committed to this move and should build upon it for 2022.
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