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  1. So what do you think the best comps are for Martin? I've seen the names Ben Zobrist and Whit Merrifield thrown out there. Are those good comparisons of what to expect...... or is that his floor? What the best case scenario?...This is the hype train after all.
  2. Hey, I'm a homer as much as anybody --- but don't we have to at least acknowledge the PED suspension in a story about his career arc?
  3. Here's a (non-broken) link to Palka's HR's: http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20160708&content_id=188620748&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb
  4. Love what I'm seeing in the Baddoo pick at #74. Just watch this clip from his workout for the Twins: ...and then consider that the kid in the video is 17 old.
  5. Looks likes Lamonte's already developed an elite mustache. It'll be fun to watch how that develops through the system.
  6. I'm really intrigued by Lamonte Wade. Career .427 OBP is impressive. Does he project to be above or below average defensive outfielder?
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