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  1. At least Cleveland got shutout by Jacob Junis, who had an ERA over 5 going into the game, so it could be worse, right?
  2. He's got a 39% K rate this year. I don't see how that could possibly work. It's always funny to look at his stats in these daily reports, it seems like his outs are only K's, and his .439 BABIP sure supports that.
  3. That horrible called strike 3 on Cruz to end the first set the tone for the game.
  4. Stephen Gonsalves was sitting in the low 90's in his first spring start compared to mid 80's at this time last year. What type of impact do you think he can have with that regained velocity?
  5. I'm a big Luis Arraez fan, so I'll slot him in at 2B. Polanco can play 3B.
  6. Luol Deng didn't play though, so I'll call that a small win.
  7. I'm surprised Royce Lewis only had 28 steals. Also surprised that he led the organization with that number. Generally speaking, I hope steals make a comeback in baseball. They're just fun to watch.
  8. Rodney Smith is out for the year. That is obviously terrible news, so they'll have to rely on the young guys. At least they have some intriguing options.
  9. I predict they'll get at least 3 Big Ten wins to get bowl eligible.
  10. I think it's fairly important to remember that New Mexico State had already played a game the week before. Couple that with the huge number of freshmen, and I think it was a solid game for the Gophers. Also the Gophers play Illinois, so they won't need much luck to win a B10 game.
  11. The freshman receiving group is really promising, plus Tyler Johnson. Rashod Bateman is going to be a big time player.
  12. Tyler Austin with the "drive in more than you let in" philosophy today. He's had a rough time at first base so far since he's been here. I'm not very worried about 1B defense going forward, especially if you're going to hit 35-40 HRs, but it's just surprising seeing plays missed over there when I'm used to watching Mauer's great fielding.
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