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  1. At least Cleveland got shutout by Jacob Junis, who had an ERA over 5 going into the game, so it could be worse, right?
  2. Ken Rosenthal had some tweets on the reserve voting.
  3. Mookie Betts was the leading vote getter for the OF among players. Maybe it was done last year?
  4. Totally disagree. This isn't the Pro Bowl or the NBA where the same players are in every year. This means something to these guys, they've said it. I'm sure they're extremely disappointed.
  5. Absolutely robbed. Kepler way better season than Mookie Betts. Garver has been better than James McCann. Rogers has been better than Brad Hand. Even Cron could beconsidered more deserving than Jose Abreu, when considering that whole winning thing.
  6. Schoop with a .241 OBP and .604 OPS in June. I hate seeing Arraez on the bench with him starting today.
  7. He's got a 39% K rate this year. I don't see how that could possibly work. It's always funny to look at his stats in these daily reports, it seems like his outs are only K's, and his .439 BABIP sure supports that.
  8. That horrible called strike 3 on Cruz to end the first set the tone for the game.
  9. My last comment looks pretty bad now. That was a memorable win last night, and that should clinch a Tournament appearance.
  10. Stephen Gonsalves was sitting in the low 90's in his first spring start compared to mid 80's at this time last year. What type of impact do you think he can have with that regained velocity?
  11. The guards on this team are unbelievably bad. Pitino needs to go. Sorry but one tournament appearance in 6 years just doesn't cut it.
  12. That's too bad. I'm now bracing for reports of Gibson sitting in the low to mid 80's with his fastball.
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