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  1. There is no way we can compete with our current roster. We need to fill so many holes
  2. At least we got something. This is prime reason why the organization needs to be careful how they treat players. Hoping Buxton is traded as well so we simply can start over. The Twins are miles away from being able to compete and we might as well go young.
  3. I like the post but Buxton hasn’t been healthy 459 games out of 1134 games roughly. He has been injured for more than half his career. Trade him.
  4. Are we really discussing on how Buxton impacts this club ? He hasn’t had a healthy season except for one time. Given his injuries I would say this will never change. I thought they should of traded him two years ago when he was doing well and I think we should trade him if the return is decent. The Twins need a lot of help to being able to compete again, dump Buxton and get some pitching.
  5. No one was signing which makes no sense to me with 100% capacity .
  6. Curious if you can get autographs at Target Field.

    1. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      I suspect "no" but I'm not sure. I doubt they've lifted the Covid protocols to that extent, as I believe journalists are still not allowed into clubhouses.

  7. I am going to the game on Friday and was curious if players are signing autographs yet? I am really hoping they are.
  8. I just don’t understand articles like this anyhow, They teach that in little league, 2 outs plays at 1
  9. Same pathetic performance. Just garbage. Hot damn garbage.
  10. It was a weird good season, but this is the curse of Minnesota teams. We get swept and might as well make it 18 losses in a row. They can’t handle the pressure and it is just frustrating. Why do you hurry that throw!
  11. Are you serious? We have the 3rd best record in the AL. We lost one game to the Reds and it is time to throw in the towel?
  12. Lol, when did they ever really start showing the anthem and another thing do you take your hat off at home when the rare times you do see the anthem? Who cares.
  13. With a bunch of MLB players already getting the virus and since cases have skyrocketed I just don’t see it happening .
  14. Baseball is done for this year and probably next. The owners along with players have sunk the ship.
  15. Are you kidding me? It is 2020 and you believe that destruction of property is justified to get a point across ? I believe you are sipping tea. I have been on Lake St and live in the Kingfield neighborhood and let me tell you that any destruction of property is not okay. Helping several business owners clean up the mayhem that the losers did I can assure you destruction of property did indeed mean something. Do you realize that insurance might cost the loss of the building but not tools or personal items? Do you understand the loss of a building doesn’t cover from the amount of business you lose until/if you actually rebuild? So continue to sip your tea while I help another person sweep and clean up their livelihood .
  16. Driving around Lake st and seeing the total destruction was pretty crazy. It was like out of a movie. Our leaders failed us and I am hoping they understand that the public will not take their incompetence any longer. Last night should of happened two days ago.
  17. Being naive doesn’t take away from what he has done. He is a sports figure that should know that many people are looking at him and he has to set an example. Do we say the same thing about when someone is busted for roids and they simply say they didn’t know what they were putting in their body’s? I don’t buy his apology and frankly he should be gone .
  18. Ask the players and the owners how losing a season of baseball did for their overall profit? How long did it take last time for baseball to rebound? Gimme a break.
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