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  1. Would you want to sign with a club that routinely does this with their young talent? I wouldn't either. I question whether I can remain a fan of this team, it's been 41 years of this for me. Why dump him now, honestly? He has a year and a half left on his deal. If I'm the twins I'm doing everything I can to keep him happy. I don't care if it's $280 million, it's not my money. These teams that are 'regularly' competitive are spending on their pitching. The Jays fleeced us. Got a stud by dumping their failed picks on our front doorstep.
  2. 100 percent aware of that. My point is probably only 10 percent of the guys that make that list of prospects ever make it big. We have one that had made it.
  3. Prospects are ONLY prospects. All-star starters that are 27 yrs old shouldn't be traded for 2 prospects. I don't care what their prospect ranking is. We'll turn around next year and bring in more guys like Happ, Shoemaker, Kenny Rogers, and Rich Hill and have their monetary value shoved down our Twins fan throats. We can't be happy with this. Berrios is the closest thing we've had to a stud pitcher in 10 years. He left here with a winning record? Dude is a stud.
  4. I don't really like the idea of starters throwing out of the pen in the playoffs unless we are trying to save our pen for a game when we are winning. Id like to see a rotation of: Big Mike Maeda Berrios Dobnak Rich Hill would be odd man out for me, but is someone to pick up the slop innings in a blowout loss (which ain't happening this year!!). After the 5th inning, I like May, Duffey, Romo, and Rogers in no particular order. Rogers has had a tough go of it this year and it just seems like he doesn't have an 'out pitch' when I've watched him. His breaking ball is horrible when he's trying to throw it for a strike, what a hanger. Personally, I'd like to see May get more chances to close and use that lefty for more situational stuff.
  5. Best bat flipping prospect the Twins have ever seen. Not even close. Great nickname too. Park bang!
  6. When la tortuga flips off the lid and stretches that triple into a double with an amazing slide, you know the ladies LOVE him. He at least makes me excited.
  7. I have never seen this much optimism for a twins season. Its freakin awesome.
  8. We've had to rush prospects in the past because we didn't have major league players on our roster. Now we have them. Stop thinking about the future and look at the present folks. We have good players NOW. Let's enjoy this.
  9. My guess is that good hitting catchers that play solid defense are more difficult to replace than a good hitting outfielder/1B.
  10. Puckstopper- I just don't see any one complete shutdown stud that we can throw out at the end of games. We have a few decent options. Same as our starters. We have a lot of arms available, but no true stopper yet. I like the quality of our starters more than our bullpen.
  11. I don't see how we go from having an average bullpen to that being our deepest position group. Only one guy can pitch at a time and there is not a lot of rock solid guys in there. To me its Romo on the down slide and Rogers with 1 good year under his belt. My vote would've been infield or outfield. Infield has quality depth and options beyond our starters.
  12. He is clearly our top guy. We haven't been able to get someone of his caliber anywhere near the front door of our clubhouse thru trade or free agency. They need to take care of him. I'd build around him long term, he is still a super young talent. Lock him up.
  13. I like it. ERA of 6? We'll score at least 8, he's gonna win 20 this year. Put THAT in the bank!
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