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  1. I think you do a huge injustice to the depth of the SEC. The conference averages 8 first round picks / draft, which means there are approximately 24 future first round picks currently in the SEC, and 180 players that will be drafted into the NFL. I think that all-star team (again, pretending these players had been practicing/playing together all year like the Jags) would give the Jags a run.
  2. In fairness, this would be more like the Jags playing the SEC All Conference players. And I'd bet on the SEC (ignoring small details like Football is much more of a "team" sport, so the SEC players would struggle without ample practice time)
  3. Yeah I had season tickets for the last few years in the dome, and the first in Target field, despite living in Portland, OR. I did it to get opening day @ TF. Thousands of dollars for 1 game. Now I live nearly in sight of TF, and I have gone to 2 games this year. One with my wife, for our first Twins game @ TF, and the other Albers first start at TF. Probably only catch 1 or 2 if any of the kids come up next year.
  4. @Fanatic Jack ... you seemed to be arguing both sides of the debate there. On one hand the twins are mega cheap and concerned only with money. On the other hand, he chose to "hold on to a 35 year old, injury prone, DH at best, player who is owed $7 million next season." If the intent was to actually slash salary, don't you think he would have handed over Willingham for a bag of balls? Until this organization can either develop front-line starters, or is willing to put out some money for them, we're doomed to mediocrity anyway (and yes, getting swept by the Yankees come playoff time is mediocrity).
  5. Looks like another team that will scrape the bottom of the AVG w/ RISP, and a starting staff that will be in the bottom third of ERA in the AL. And that would be with signing two SP's. Makes me sad.
  6. Hmm. Long time lurker, fringe stat geek guy. Been planning a trip to the SW... Feenix is starting to look like a good idea.
  7. Perhaps one thing that could be gleaned from this chart... that 7 year gap between Winfree & Sano coincides with some serious dearth of sluggers to man the middle of our lineup, which has really hurt our depth, ability to score runs, drive in runs, help our pitchers relax, etc etc. Yeah, lots of hits & misses from 81-2005. But at least guys were producing in a big way down in the minors. I would imagine a fairly strong correlation between the number of 100 RBI guys you have, the number MLB caliber players you have...even if the MLB players are the ones setting the table.
  8. While I love the entire minor league report, I can't help but gloss over some things until I get my daily update on sano & buxton. I know I could certainly look it up (and often do), but it would be great to have that in the same place. Seconded
  9. You also gotta wonder (or, er, I do) about how the St Peters & Pohlads would feel about a Sept call up. I have to imagine attendance would spike... I know I would attend a couple games a week to see this kid play, and I've only been to a handful of games all year.
  10. Maybe he made a diving catch in the alley and spent 2s admiring his glove. Hope not though, he'd be benched for 4 games.
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