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  1. There is no need to trade away the farm this year I agree, but I will say this the Yankees likely won't keep the pace they are on winning games, they have holes and a softer lineup than usual, we have played well against the Jay's, rays, red Sox heck we were in all 3 games against the Yankees at least til the late innings. Bullpen improvement should be the big focus in trades but be smart and make the right deals, and if a good starter can be added at a reasonable price go for it. Also we may have been swept by the Astros earlier but we were banged up and without Correa and they were red hot and they too will likely eventually slow down in the second half especially when teams have made adjustment on Pena. Don't forget Acala and coolumbe are good pen arms will be back from injury later this year. The twins have had more players injured than any other team and are still in first place don't forget that, cause it shows the depth the twins do have.
  2. Well as I've commented before that contradicts everything Correa himself has been reported as saying. He has been reported saying he likes minnesota, his favorite restaurant juicy Lucy's is in minnesota, he sees his contract as a 3 year deal not a one year deal and is open to a longer term deal in minnesota. Also if the twins were expecting him to leave after this year why would they play royce Lewis in center field. And why would he consider opting out this off season with a shortstop heavy free agent class again and Aaron judge being available after what happened last off season, he would be wiser to wait at least one more year
  3. As I've said before Sherman's report contradicts what Correa was reported to have actually said, first he likes minnesota and his favorite restaurant juicy Lucy's is in minnesota, second he sees it as a three year deal not a one year deal. Also why would the twins play royce lewis at center field if they are expecting Correa to leave and if hos market to develop this past off-season why would he put himself back into a shortstop heavy class.
  4. My suggestion have the twin wirk on a deal that would include him as an extra piece to go with perhaps months and puk. If his numbers aren't very good right now he wouldn't cost much extra and would still leave the twin pen and rotation upgraded. It wouldn't a cheap trade to get done but it could be a big game changing trade for a play off run
  5. Definitely bring him back but maybe see if the Phillies would throw in a good reliever too
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