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  1. Miami has the pitchers and needs controllable hitters I particularly like Eury Perez and Max Meyer. Would the Twins part with Larnach, Steer and Polanco for these pitchers?
  2. TwinsDr your probably right, just wishful thinking on my part. Below is trade simulation from Baseball Trade Values. I would trade our 6 prospects for these 3 pitchers. Am I dreaming, most likely? Meyer RHP 29 Okert LHRP 0.1 Perez RHP 68.8 97.9 Name Position MTV ($Ms) Larnach OF 28 Martin OF 11 Ober SP 15.2 Steer 2B 14 Wallner OF 7.7 Winder SP 16.1 92.0
  3. Top Miami players Twins should target -- Max Myer, Lopez and either Eury Perez or Steven Okert. Trading any three of those pitchers for Trevor Larnach, Spencer Steer and either Celestino, Sano, Gordon, Urshela, Ober or Winder would improve our competitiveness now and in the future. Would also considering picking up all or a portion of Sano's salary, if needed.
  4. Trading from a position of strength, leads me to offer up Kirilloff, Steer, Varland and any other pitching prospect on the 40-man for Pirates Henry Davis and David Bednar. I doubt Pirates will trade Davis but will do need a quality catcher for '23' and beyond and Bednar is a quality stopper. Kirilloff is from the Pittsburgh area so maybe just maybe the Twins could work a trade.
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