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  1. I am on board with the trade. If you beilieve in Miranda then CES is expendable as Arraez and miranda split 1st and 3rd. Martin is still a prospect and with Brooks Lee that makes Steer expendable. Correa isn't signing here long term so if they are going to spend assets, now is the time to do it.
  2. Fun to think about even if it is unlikely to happen. So since it is all hypothetical, I think you just empty to farm system to go all in. Get Ohtani, Castillo, some high end bullpen help, sign them all along with Correa long to more than just the next year or so. Make a run for a few years and trade them to start to reload.
  3. I am with you. $3MM gets Porter top 25 money, so unless he knew he was going to fall out of the teens, I am not sure why he would agree to that.
  4. MLBTradeRumors.com reported Rocker signed for $5.2MM. The two spots are worth about a total of $8MM. That leaves Porter likely somewhere around $3MM,
  5. You can go over up to 5% and pay 75% tax. Over 5% and you start losing future picks. So the Twins can go over about $500K but it would cost them about $900K with tax.
  6. I don't know the exact specifics but I do know most college baseball players can go back to school if they don't get the paycheck they are looking for. Here is an older BA article that lists some of the kids that didn't sign and went back to school. I could see Prielipp betting on himself like Appel did a few years back. So hopefully the Twins worked something out here and have a plan.
  7. What about Rocker? He seems like the type of arm that could be up in the bullpen in September. It would probably be giving up some upside for help now, but he was a top 10 pick last year. (This assumes solid medicals)
  8. In Kiley McDaniel's recent mock on ESPN, he had Berry going at 5 to Washington. That pushed Brooks Lee, Termarr Johnson, and Elijah Green all down the board. Lee and Johnson went 6 and 7, but McDaniel still had the Twins selecting Cross over Green. I would love any of those 3 over Cross. As other's have mentioned, I am not a fan of drafting prospects this high that have holes in their approach like Cross seems to have with breaking stuff. I get that Green may have similar swing and miss issues, but he is also younger with that ever-tempting "potential" tag attached to him.
  9. I think Garlick is the reason he hasn't been called up yet. They Garlick's bat vs. LHP and likely don't want to shuffle Kiriloff back and forth. So now they are waiting to make that roster move (sending down a pitcher, Miranda?, I don't see them DFA'ing Gordon).
  10. It seems though with the proposed moving of second base and larger bases that MLB is trying to encourage more running. Whether that actually ends up correlating is anyone's best guess at this point. For now though the running worries me a bit. The Rays just proved they can take extra bases that led to 2 or 3 runs yesterday. Running gets de-emphasized because it usually ends up being an unneeded risk. With Jeffers there doesn't seem to be much of a risk. The rest of his defense is above average and he seems to call a good game, so if he hits I think the Twins could live with the poor stolen base stats. However, if he continues to hit like an average catcher, then they might as well put someone there with better overall defense.
  11. The article is pretty clear how they screwed it up. They allowed players who are apparently anti-LGBTQ+ to promote a message that they do not support inclusivity while the point of the night was to do the exact opposite and encourage everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, to feel safe and welcome at the ballpark. No one is taking away free speech or their ability to practice their religion. The Rays could have said if you don't support this, then you can sit out. There is a difference between free speech and doing whatever you want. The players are still free to share their feelings on LGBTQ issues. I work at a job that requires helmets. It is a required part of the "uniform" to do the job. Some don't like wearing them. They are free to speak out against it. They can likely do their job just as well without it. But if the boss says it is necessary and they want to work, then they have to wear it or find some place else to work. As the article said, the organization made the decision to put rainbows on a uniform. Uniforms signify unity and the Rays failed to show unity around this issue. So, yeah, they screwed it up.
  12. Arraez is an interesting one. Definitely deserving at this point, but what position would he get the nomination for? 1B is typically a tough position to crack. Correa has the name recognition so if he continues to push his numbers up then he should be in. And like others said, Buxton is an all-star. He just needs to get healthy. The stats will trend back to where he was at the beginning of the year.
  13. I don't get why Miranda is already penciled in as the 3B of the future by some. He had a great year last year but at this point that is more of the outlier than his struggles this year. Before last year, he was a decent prospect but not many were waiting for him to be a team cornerstone. Plus, he doesn't play that great of defense at 3B. Maybe he figures his swing back out and plays 1B. Regardless, position battles are a good thing. I don't think you look to trade Steer because another guy played well last year.
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