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  1. Increased torque in the delivery increases the speed of a fastball. That same torque also increases the stress on joints. Some arms can take it, some cannot. There will be those that say it is the increased sliders leading to the injuries. It may be due to the increased speed. Look up the PT who writes here
  2. There are some things that don't seem well thought out to me. There is a call for multi inning relief pitchers. When there are has been only a couple of instances of 100 inning relievers in the last 20 years, very few 80 and 90 inning pitchers and a lot of Tommy John surgery it would appear that the arms of today really is not going to hold up to the demands of max effort pitching on little rest. You have little rest with more innings. Some people need routine, some do not. Some people thrive with order, some with chaos. The trick is to have like minded people where they work best.
  3. Hmmm. Justin Mason’s 2022 Shortstop Ranks: 1/21/22 | RotoGraphs Fantasy Baseball (fangraphs.com) Yes Lewis has a low ranking here, This is the ranking as compared to the major league shortstops. Polanco has a high ranking.
  4. And the ratings could be so wrong that Lewis could be that one of two players by the end of the season that make the difference between division glory and division gory
  5. 2019 was unexpected. That is the joy of human performance events. Which player is going to show up? Are some players maturing or now past over ripe going to rotten? The position players have not changed all that much. 2 players could be the difference. It could be no difference. If I knew the answer I wouldn't have a question.
  6. As long as Scott Boras has a finger in the union, the players caving is not likely
  7. You used Olney as a source that the team is not one or two players away. Two players could make all the difference in the world for next year's Twins. A healthy Beuhler and Urias would make all the difference in the world for the Twins. Olney is a fop, yet you use him for stating the Twins do not have any top 10 position players. . You can't have it both ways
  8. To make it palatable for a rebuilding team to take a salary dump is to entice them with decent prospect. Money for the franchises that are in the luxury tax realm is easier to come by than prospects, so the idea of trading prospects to dump salary is not going to happen unless it is a boatload of high risk, high ceiling, warted out prospects.
  9. They had the common sense to keep Ryan's players. They for the most part did not make stupid moves until this year. So they can take 100 percent of the credit for success as well as 100 percent for the failure of 2021
  10. The track record of prospect lists has improved, but it is not a foolproof science. What is the proof of Buster Onley's self proclaimed greatness other than a paycheck for scribbles or babbles? It is no better than the proclaimed greatness of a prospect list
  11. A quick thought on extended mediocre pitchers with a high upside has led me to consider 2 current pitchers. Seeing that Duffrey has well over 200 appearances and Alcala already has 77 games, appearances, for any reliever with a chance they should be able to make the appearance threshold. 750 innings pitched. Dylan Bundy has got that. So again, mediocrity with a high ceiling will give you a chance. Now you can all look back on Seth's pitcher rankings and you should have 13-14 pitchers with an upside high enough to get to the 200 appearance level or 750 innings. If my glasses were rosier , it would be all 30
  12. It is more likely that it was poor proofreading rather than grammar with an auto correct to blame
  13. See my reply to Sconnie for the first error in your post. The other error is that there is nobody named Falvine. Falvey interviewed with Pohlad. Levine would be Falvey's hire. Neither has had a job in player development side of the business. Neither would be bragging about being a pitcher whisperer
  14. Falvey came from an organization that knew pitching. That organization drafted pitchers and had them in the majors after a couple of years in the minors. That is not the Twins under Falvey. I don't think Falvey whispered anything in a player's ear. He certainly hasn't found great free agent pitchers.
  15. Ryan's team was so bad that adding Hector Santiago and Bartolo Colon led them to a wildcard berth under Falvey like the good old days under Ryan. Colon and Santiago were Falvey's adds to the team he inherited
  16. https://www.sportico.com/law/analysis/2021/baseball-antitrust-exemption-1234651096/?cx_testId=9&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s The story was interesting for the 35 seconds it was up before the paywall came crashing down. https://sports.yahoo.com/minors-sue-mlb-over-antitrust-050120584.html seems to be an earlier version. There will not be anything definitive for a few years. as any losing side will appeal. If all 40 cities sued it could get real interesting. The pre trial discovery leaks would be enlightening as to how baseball works.. After the minor outrage settled down, most would be forgotten. The paywall was $600 for a year.
  17. Roy Smalley was traded for Greg Gagne and Paul Boris, who would fit in the category of short time Twin. Since the Yankees thought the trade was too lopsided they insisted on including Ron Davis. John Pacella was the other person obtained
  18. In the if only department. Had the Twins been able to refine him, they could have traded him for Thor.
  19. https://www.fantasypros.com/2021/03/most-accurate-fantasy-baseball-projections-2020/ Maybe there are other places to get a better idea?
  20. He did not throw a slider is a possible cause. He has a bad 2020 and was outrighted. At the end of the season he was not added back to the 40 man. As near as I can piece together, Zack had paid his dues and could opt for free agency at the end of the year and did just that. https://www.mlb.com/player/zack-littell-641793
  21. 90 plus because two days into the season Oakland will panic and send the Twins their 3 starters for the top 5 Twins prospects or first year players with the last name starting with R
  22. 7/200 and hope he he can be productive in his end of contract years. The baseball reference gives him a similarity score through age 29 as he is similar to Larry Walker. That would be good. They say he is more closer to Richard Hidalgo. That would be a disaster for Bryant to go down that path
  23. one should give credit to the regime. Ryan or Smith of Falvey has headed the Twins. Ultimately whatever the employees do falls to the leader of the regime. The topic says regime, not name. It may be easy for you to declare as of now this FO is ahead. The lifeline of an organization is the controlable players from the minor league. There is a built in excuse if you want one to say at this point the FO is ahead. Without being able to judge the main pipeline of players, this whole debate is utterly pointless. Pointless debate is what the internet is about.
  24. The pipeline of players from the minors seemed kind of dry. When the core got old there were not replacements. One or two players were not going to bring about post season glory. Analytic would probably say that long term pitching deals are not good business. Even McPhail did not get Morris nor Smiley to stay.
  25. The Cleveland team manages to push pitchers to the majors within 2 years. It is more than reasonable. Terribly sorry that I did not memorize what other people had previously said. I am so very sorry to have distressed you.
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