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  1. I really don't know if other teams' fans care as much about how you lose a series as Twins Daily followers do. It may be an internet thing as to me there is much more complaining than supportive statements. The win total is certainly something that is made into a mountain versus being a molehill it could be if compared to Seattle's playoff run s over a similar time period
  2. At the end of the year what is success does depend on the variables beyond the team control. If the injured position players from last year have a similar patterns this year .500 could be deemed a success. On the other hand, if the other teams continue as they have been, not winning the division would be a failure.
  3. The blueprint seemed to be used with great success last year by the Giants last year.
  4. Cotton has pitched 2 innings in St Paul, Minaya 6. I wouldn't call either of them doing anything great nor could I find any good reason to believe they would be better than anyone else in a high leverage situation.
  5. If you have been run out of a job for personality issues it could cloud your view on other people's situation. There is also a tendency to to lump groups of people as something. For example all cops are now bad people because of Chauvin. If a person has ever been part of a one person's word against another's it may cloud a judgement on this situation. There isn't physical proof, so somebody is lying, it must be the woman because in that person's world a woman has lied about them in their viewpoint. That would be reasons why it could be hard for someone to understand There is also a possibility of a person being a third grade dropout but I really didn't want to go to far in that direction. It is my Uncle Ralph excuse. He survived without really understanding much. The name was changed to protect the innocent
  6. The Twins were likely ranked low due to their magnificent performance in LA. Anything beyond that is tempered by their record from last year. Just as with prospect ranking, the location of the team matters, press coverage matters. It is a click bait world and Minnesota is not prime territory, even if there are fans in off beat places like Oklahoma
  7. No court decided guilt or innocence. Employers can fire you any time they want. It is called at will employment. Bauer is not in a protected class
  8. The chemistry on a team is limited by how moody the darkest, nastiest, pissy narcissistic person on the team gets when things don't go there way. The feuding Oakland team knew they were a special group. Despite the publicized feuds there was likely a cohesive group
  9. Tampa used 41 pitchers last year, Houston 32. Roster churn did not exactly hurt them or say their pitching pipeline did not produce
  10. Sometimes you win for the moment, you lose over time on trades. Then there are the times it is the other way around. Jake Cave was useful in 2018. In 2021, Gil might have been more useful in 2021 and beyond.
  11. In order for him to be a failed shortstop he would have to play there. I hear there is a pretty good shortstop on the major league team right now So if you are looking at him to be a SS, it would be in the minor leagues. It makes the RF question moot. Another season of minor league ball also makes clear what Lewis' capabilities are at a higher level a slugging percentage that is 40 points higher is drastically better than one that is 40 points lower,
  12. Career best should never be expected to be repeated but should not be viewed as an impossible happening. Watch closely this year as a few of the free agents do not meet their recent statistics. Observational hypothesis but not necessarily researched is that you see a drop off with pitchers then the arm goes under the knife. Maybe Maeda is a stoic individual and tried to pitch through it, hence the longer time of downslide. Recovery could be as 9 months, could be longer. that is the beauty of medicine, it isn't as predictable as fixing a car from the 50'5
  13. On your way of thinking, based off of a one part of a season statistic Jose Miranda also slugged at .563 at a higher level of baseball with a better rate of XBH of 41 in 81 games than Lewis did in the AFL. Why would one not advocate for the player with more XBH per game? Sabato had 11 XBH in 21 games with a better slugging percentage of 613. Put him out there. Then there is Matt Wallner with a 606 slugging percentage. Old Royce better not get too comfortable out there, Wallner is going to come for him. I sure hope people are not so naive to believe Correa is here for the long haul. Lewis may need to be the shortstop of the future more than the LF of the future. I don't think Wallner nor Miranda are SS material, but could do fine in the OF.
  14. One can still think that it is hard to take this team seriously without the OP mentioning it .That would be God's way to early observation of the team.
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