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  1. the Twins can finding 2-3 Adam Wainrights would be playoff heaven. they might could beat the Yankees
  2. It is not a troll move. A person can think that players having career years will regress and/or have age decline by age 33-34. You would then prefer to have a lottery ticket that performed well once for one year than a large contract that goes belly up.
  3. I am well aware of how much or little Miranda has played at the various positions.
  4. There is strategy on every play. It doesn't matter. The players line up where management tells them to, shift or no shift
  5. Because it makes incredible sense to get rid of the team's best hitter or have a minor league player learn a new position at the major league level
  6. It is entirely possible to be critical of something that someone does and praise something else that they have done.
  7. The longer I am around people I get the impression that all or none is the common way to look at things. Nuance is long gone. The success of the FO with Odo and Pineda is long forgotten when there is a Happ and Shoemaker. That this FO found a diamond in the rough with Ober, possibly nabbed a very good pitcher for Cruz is meaningless because EVERYBODY else is signing players.
  8. Every play that a player is in position to make is of equal value. There can be no argument about that
  9. Ok, you could replace Miranda for Arraez, not all three
  10. They tell outfielder to play in or out a bit. They have infielders play in for a bunt. It is no different then asking them to shift. Find a the proof that shows a good infielder turns into a bad one by shifting, not speculation. Shifting did not turn Polonco into a good statistical shortstop
  11. The sequence is inconsequential but the timing is not. Say with the number 8 pick in the draft you get Francisco Lindor lookalike/playalike clone. Lindor was a number eight pick, so lightning can strike twice. Would it matter if you signed Scherzer to a 3 year deal and traded for Adam Wainright when the player is ready on the same schedule as Lindor was, in the major league in 5 seasons?
  12. The people that make a living off prognostications did not think that San Francisco had a semblance of talented players. Compared to a beer league team they would be considered talented, but not as a major league baseball team.
  13. Would Ben Simmons lose a right handed game of horse to Jim Abbott?
  14. Falvey is responsible for how The Guardians spend their money? Falvey makes the trades for the Guardians? Falvey needed a shortstop and couldn't work his connections to get Lindor? Holy guessing game. Falvey did not trade Buxton at peak value, much like Cleveland did with Lindor?
  15. Players to any level of play is suspect until they prove it over and over again. Kepler looked all world in 2019. It is suspect if he will ever do it again. Buxton is suspect to being able to play a full season.
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