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  1. I would like to see the Twins sign an elite pitcher with pitching bonuses structured similarly.
  2. I am looking for the location of the page/spreadsheet of the Twins roster with salaries. The previous site had it as a pinned link at the top of the page. Searching for roster and salaries brings up long lists of articles with those terms in the articles and titles. Not exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. If the playoff games are held in a neutral site bubble, there will be no need to schedule off days for travel. It is entirely possible that this year you will need a full five man rotation for the playoffs. The only off days will be between series and extra days off if a series doesn't go the distance.
  4. I believe there is still a roster expansion but not for the full 40 man roster (28?). Part of the reason for this is so that every team is more likely to have the same number of call ups. That way one team is not playing with a full 40 man roster while another doesn't call up everyone. One team won't have a competitive advantage during the final month of the season.
  5. These decisions don't have to be made until the offseason. You do NOT want to add these players before the trade deadline because you may need those roster spots for traded players. That's not a decision that needs to be made right now.
  6. Either Pineda or Perez could become bullpen pieces if another starter or two is acquired before the trade deadline. Both have pitched from the pen in the recent past.
  7. This might be a roster replacement for Buxton / Sano. If Buxton isn't working out, Kepler gets moved to center which frees up a corner outfield spot. Rosario could play either left or right with Gonzalez playing the other position. If Sano cannot play, Gonzalez takes third. While Gonzalez could take Adrianza's spot, Ehire has no options. Astudillo has options. Possible 40 man cuts could be Austin, Arraez, Torreyes
  8. A player the Yankees cannot get out. Keep him around for the Yankee series next year.
  9. He appears to have been on the minor league DL. He would also appear to be eligible for minor league free agency after the season. This was his second full year at AA at age 27. Perhaps the injury was going to take him through the end of the season and the player and team decided to part ways now. This is also around the time of year that the Twins promote players. He may have been squeezed out of playing time.
  10. What's Sano batting right now? What makes you think he can hit A ball pitchers? Most major league batters make adjustments when they go into an extended slump. Has Sano just tried to hit a single lately? Tried for a walk? Seems like he wants to hit a home run or strike out (so he doesn't have to run the bases?). Perhaps a reminder that major league players need to at least try to get on base.
  11. This is a welcome development. Escobar has clearly outplayed and earned the 3B spot. If a guy like Sano can't hit his home runs, he needs to at least get on base, unfortunately he hasn't been able to do that. Shuttling around Cave and LaMarr can only do so much to improve the offense this year. Looking back through the lineups clearly point to both Sano and Buxton as being the weakest links. If the team scores more runs without them, then clearly they need to work on something.
  12. Seems like Romero has just thrown his hat into the ring for making room for Santana / May.
  13. Right now, I'm willing to trade Buxton straight up for Nick Punto's worst offensive year.
  14. It is common practice to not move someone already on the DL to the 60 day DL unless and until a 40 man roster spot is needed. This move would most likely be made in conjunction with a player being also added to the 25 man roster. There is no pressing need at this time to make room for another player. All current minor league players are protected until the end of the season. If a random player is added now and later down the line a trade or another move is needed, you risk exposing that player to waivers unnecessarily.
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