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  1. The Twins made 3 offers to Cruz since October, it's time to move on maybe Ozuna would be a better fit as you can not force a horse to drink.
  2. Curious to see how Simbas signing dictates the FO in SP, RP & infield moving forward this season.
  3. Nice, the improved defense will help our pitching and offense. Now we need the get FSN back on HULU.
  4. Lets not have his signing be at the cost, development of our younger talented players. Remember when Doug Meincavich was traded to Boston oh the uproar. Which young minor league player replaced him? A great defensive MVP fan favorite who would have won 1-3 more MVPs if not for the devastating injuries. Quoting Gandhi "to have a bright future one must step away from the past." We do not need a Home run hitting DH as in the next few weeks our FO will knock it out of the ball park!
  5. Does a great defensive SS save runs thus making it possible we do not have to score as often to win games? Curious because I can not remember a run saving SS in a Twins uniform. Now we do not have to lead the league in Homers to win games.
  6. Lets hope he physically holds up this year as in past seasons after the All Star game he was less effective. Will limiting his 1st half innings help? or his small stature the cause?
  7. Improved pitching & defense will offset any loss of home runs from our LF & DH. As our public school math teacher taught us "Addition by Subtraction".
  8. It will feel abnormal watching the Twins this season, when was the last time we had a great defensive SS? "Happiness is a great defensive SS" Charles M. Schulz
  9. Remember what Reusse told us "pitching trumps DHs" Willie Nelson sang "mamma don't let your babies grow up to be DHs"
  10. I will miss his poor defense, bad base running, streaky hitting & lackadaisical attitude.
  11. It is a well know fact that the AL has a DH to waste valuable money to benefit the NL which spends it on pitching and wins championships.
  12. Only sign Cruz for a very team friendly deal as pitching trumps DH-ing every time. A shutout beats a home run. Remember if a DH was important the National league would have one.
  13. This FO is the best we have ever had. Their drafting strategy, improving the minor league teams (nutrition) pitching philosophy managing payroll. They are building a solid foundation.
  14. We can spend more on a quality utility guy by not signing a DH using a rotational DH.
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