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  1. I was thinking this too. I knew he had visa issues in spring training. Was that why he was on the restricted list? Or did I miss something during all of this?
  2. I thought he was targeted to start grapefruit league games in mid-March. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/02/health-notes-verdugo-mikolas-buxton-buttrey.html
  3. I would guess Harper too. There might be a minor league deal with him to come back since there will be Hill and Pineda going to the 60 day DL and suspended lists.
  4. Not that I wanted Teheran, but I wanted him as a fall back if they didnt sign Ryu or Keuchel. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/angels-to-sign-julio-teheran.html
  5. If the Twins are interested in Ray and Bradley from Arizona, what do you think it would take to get them? What if the Twins, dare I say, take on some of Tomas too? Doesnt he have like 1 yr, $17 million left? Not that I would want them to do that but they get creative like that to lessen the prospects.
  6. I would like them to make a big splash and get 1 or two of these... (Yates, Vazquez, Syndergaard, Giles, Madbum, Smith, Greinke). But, I know better than that. My gut tells me that they will make one more trade for the likes of one of these guys (Hudson, Bradley, Dyson, Kennedy, Elias). I would be a little shocked if they did nothing else.
  7. Yes, there are newly drafted guys on the list. Rutschman at 7, Vaughn at 12, Witt at 21.
  8. Not specifically related to Giles, but who are some of the guys that will need to be added to the 40 man in the offseason? Has Diaz rebounded enough to be a viable trade chip?
  9. Game 7 - Lonnie Smith doesn't pick up the ball that was hit to the OF and Knoblauch fakes a throw to Gagne. Smith stops just beyond second and finally picks up where the ball is and advances to third. He doesnt score. Games goes to extra innings and it turns out kind cool for the home team.
  10. I know a year or two ago the Atlanta Falcons lowered all of their concession prices. I don't have the exact dollar amounts but a hot dog was roughly $3 and beers were $5. I havent seen anything if they had a boost in revenue from that or not. It would be interesting to see some data on that.
  11. Awesome!! Thank you! I was looking for something like this.
  12. Are all the seats on the 1B line in the shade? I am looking at tickets about 10 rows up in 104.
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