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  1. Considering the offseason approach to pitching right now, I am guessing all 5 of these names will still be here come Spring Training with an opportunity to make the club. That itself is beyond sad...
  2. Disappointing that the Twins would not match that contract, but understandable if they think Paddack and/or one of the MiLB guys can replace his numbers.
  3. Couple of sites that might help your research: https://fanhqstore.com/collections/twins-autographs https://www.sportsmemorabilia.com/mlb-memorabilia/minnesota-twins/signed/o-3454+t-25771040+fa-90+z-9226-2771471032?_ref=p-TLP:m-SIDE_NAV Also, just type in Minnesota Twins signature examples on Google. Lots of image examples
  4. A player that died about 45 years ago is not "recent" in my book. Munson is probably one of the most egregious omissions from the HOF, but the scuttlebutt is that writers did not like him because of his personality. That, and he never led the league in any offensive category, hurt him in a time when writers were more concerned about counting numbers. Coast bias is real. That is why Derek Jeter is considered a god and George Brett is just really good.
  5. Considering the Mets have already come out and said Alonso is not on the market, I am not sure where this article is coming from...
  6. If Joe Mauer played for the Yankees, Red Sox, etc. there would be no discussion here. He would be flying in on the first ballot. The fact that this is even open for discussion continues to show how political the HOF is.
  7. I put Ryan as nearly untouchable because he a cost-controlled 2/3 type SP. Hard to imagine a scenario or player the Twins would package him for....
  8. The points you make are valid. However, unless the Twins come out and say Correa or Lee is being moved to another position, Lee is the odd man out. Teams prefer to trade form a position of depth...
  9. The only real untouchables in the Twins organization are Buxton, Correa, Lopez, and possibly Ryan. The list of guys that would be moved if them Twins were blown away or acquiring an elite level player includes Lewis, Duran, and Julien. I do not believe they would be traded but they could be moved in the right deal. Any minor leaguer (including Jenkins and Lee) could be moved. Minor leaguers are a high risk acquisition, look at the number of trades that give a top player for elite prospects and see how many of the prospects truly work out. The failures dramatically outweigh the successes. Personally I think if the Twins are going to make another Lopez-like trade for another pitcher, Lee and Larnach will be at the top of the list to be moved. Lee is stuck in a tough spot being behind Correa and Lewis, it is easy to see the Twins look to move him for a position of need.
  10. Playoff team that won a series... Not sure what your interpretation of a WS contending team is...
  11. I just realized this is an ESPN+ article... Here is the Phillies package proposed: Castellanos, outfield prospect Justin Crawford, pitching prospect Griff McGarry and $5 million in cash each year from 2024 to 2026
  12. I agree that Trout is probably only behind Ohtani in true value. We are talking about off-field as well as on. What makes it somewhat doable is the injury risk you assume with Trout on top of the monster contract he has attached to him. There is a price for every player...
  13. I respectfully disagree. The Twins have prospect depth and quality, especially in the infield. The biggest in a trade like this is dollars. If the Twins would need to eat the entire contract, the prospect package would be smaller think.
  14. ESPN had an interesting article today about what a trade between the Phillies and Angels for Mike Trout could look like. That article can be found here: Why the Phillies should trade for Mike Trout Trout's contract, age, and injury history play a big part in this type of deal, but the proposal offered by the Phillies seems very light considering you would be getting a still very effective Mike Trout. Living in the dream world, assuming the Twins want Trout and Trout is willing to come to Minnesota, let's build an offer that might be acceptable. The big factor would probably be how much salary the Twins would be willing to take on. We know the Twins have discussed lowering salary, but I am tend to believe they will be somewhat close to last year. Trout is owed $248m over the next 7 years, about $35.5m per season. I don't think the Twins would assume that much salary, so they would have to offset some of it with prospect talent. Here is what I think it would take: Twins receive: Mike Trout $12m per season ($84m total) Angels receive: Max Kepler Brooks Lee David Festa Simeon Woods Richardson Matt Canterino Kepler provides a quality short-term OF replacement. The Angels get two strong prospects and two decent-but-questionable prospects. The prospect quality helps to offset the salary. I am in the middle on this... Granted Buxton or Trout would have to move to a corner OF spot, but Trout brings a huge jumpstart to the offense. Having Trout also puts the Twins in a stronger national spotlight position. Would you make this trade? Would you look at a different offer? Have at it...
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