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  1. Injuries certainly hurt the team this year but one needs to have a back-up plan. I agree with the sentiment that the Twins should not be dumpster diving for pitchers. Take the money that they were going to spend on Correa when he chooses to leave and find a top end starting pitcher. With new FA SP, Ryan, Mahle, and Maeda, the Twins should be in better shape to start 2023 than they have been all this season. Adding another bullpen piece wouldn't hurt but the Twins bullpen has actually been decent since the All-Star Break. Before the break, they were dead last in WAR. Since the break, the Twins have had the 5th best bullpen in the league. It has been the offense (or lack thereof) over the two months that has sunk this team. As far as Byron Buxton is concerned, assume that he is going to play about half the season. That means we need someone else in CF for the other half of the season. For what he is being paid, half a season of Buxton is a bargain given how good he can be. Relying on Buxton as the everyday center fielder is not a plan. His presence should be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.
  2. The first and last points really stand out to me. The writer brings up Pagan but there are plenty of other Twins relievers that have not been able to close out games. The Twins have blown 26 saves as a team which is tied for third worst in MLB. Since the Twins have only had 51 save opportunities all season, this means that they only converted about 50% of possible saves. Imagine what happens if they convert 65% or 70% of those opportunities. They are probably talking about how they are going to compose their roster in October if this was the case. The baserunning has bothered me all season. They don't bother to even try to steal. They don't take bases when they should and the try to take bases when they shouldn't. There seems to be a pure lack of fundamentals in this area of the game. This is one area the team can improve without adding a single player this off season.
  3. Looks like Cleveland pretty much sealed the deal tonight. Twins have some work to do in the off season if they want to go to the playoffs in 2023. I always thought that 2023 and/or 2024 would be the best chances for this group to make a run in the playoffs. They are in a better place than they were a year ago but still have some room to improve.
  4. Unless both Chicago and Cleveland decide to play down to their competition, there is no way the Twins are close to first a week from now. The Twins have to hope to sweep Cleveland next week and win almost all their upcoming games against Chicago to have a chance (and win some games against the bottom feeders they will be playing in between).
  5. At the beginning of the season, I said that the Twins were probably about a 0.500 team and the third best in the Central. I said they have a chance at the division but everything has to go their way. Looking ahead to next year, it is clear that more help on the pitching side of things is needed. I think we can all agree that the defense is much improved this season over the last season. For comparison, the Twins have allowed 592 runs while scoring 605. The averages for current playoff teams in the AL are 521 runs allowed and 622 runs scored. The Twins offense would be middle of the pack among playoff teams in the AL but none of the current playoff teams has allowed as many runs as the Twins. Some have allowed far fewer (the Yankees about 100 less, the Astros about 140 less). The Twins seem to have a lot of 4th and 5th level starters but not anyone who is truly a top level arm. Maybe Maeda and Mahle come back next year and provide that one-two punch you need as a true contender but I would not count on it. If the Twins are serious, they need a top level free agent starting pitcher. Best case scenario: they have three great pitchers (new player, Maeda, Mahle) with a bunch of other guys with major league experience to round things out. Who knows? Maybe a fourth guy really takes a step forward (Ryan, Winder, anyone) and Maeda ends up being the fourth best on the team. Worst case scenario: Where they are now.
  6. I agree. Let's set Duran up to face the part of the order which is the most dangerous toward the end of a close game. He is the best relief pitcher, so don't put him in the traditional 9th inning closer box. I absolutely hate it when a lesser relief pitcher gives up a game tying or lead changing hit in the 8th to the other teams best batter because they are saving him for the 9th to close the game.
  7. Does anyone remember the stories about how Santana tipped his pitches? Basically, the batters knew when the changeup was coming and still couldn't hit it. Duran is something special. A 100 MPH pitch with that kind of movement is ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing a batter can do with that pitch unless they get incredibly lucky.
  8. When Sano was on, he could hit anything out of the ballpark. When he was off, it was strikeout after strikeout. I wish the guy luck at his next stop. I know the Twins have held on this long because of a guy named David Ortiz, who they probably gave up on too early back in the day. Maybe Sano still becomes Ortiz v2.0, but probably not at this point.
  9. Hopefully, some team picks him up and he gets another shot and a fresh start. Unfortunately, it was past time for the Twins to make this move. If it had not been for injuries upon injuries to are rotation and bullpen, Duffey probably would have been DFA'ed a lot sooner.
  10. I have to agree as well. The Twins will also probably be getting Maeda back at some point before the end of the season. While he will not be a starter this year, he could certainly provide some depth in the bullpen and play a role in 2023. Imagine what this season would look like if Maeda was pitching like he did last year every fifth game. 2023: Mahle, Maeda, Ryan (with a solid year under his belt), Gray, and take your pick from the rest could be the rotation, in no particular order. If the FO really wanted to make a splash, they could go after a top tier free agent starter and round things out nicely.
  11. While it stinks to give up someone like Christian Encarnacion-Strand, that is the price you have to pay for a decent to good MLB starter with multiple years of team control. I think this was a move the front office had to make.
  12. If the price is right, why not take a shot? At least the FO can say they made a move to try to improve the pitching.
  13. Are the Twins going to make some moves to acquire some upgrades both in the starting rotation and that bullpen? If so, I say they have a 50-50 chance. If not, I give them a 1 in 5 chance of winning the division (and 1 in 4 of making the playoffs). I think winning a playoff game should be the goal of this team. A run in the playoffs would be nice but I don't think this is a team that is going to really threaten the top teams in the AL (Yankees, Astros, etc.).
  14. The shoulder is enough to scare me away from this trade. Go after Castillo first. Only think about Mahle if you get a truly great deal. Martin, Wallner, and SWR is too much for a pitcher with a bum shoulder. I would give one of those and another low level prospect but I doubt the Reds would be into it.
  15. Is this a team that can compete in the postseason this year? Before you look at what types of moves to make at the deadline, you have to evaluate what a realistic outcome for this team is. Given the Twins recent postseason history, winning a single postseason game would be huge even if they go no where. Young pitchers with multiple years of team control should be the targets. The Twins need to be thinking about 2023, 2024, and 2025. If they can get some pitching to go along with their offense, they could be one of the best teams in baseball.
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