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  1. Great comeback Sunday against the Royals to make the stretch 4-1!
  2. I have a roster question regarding the series in Toronto in early June. Do we know which Twins aren’t vaccinated? They will be unable to play in Toronto as vaxes are required to play there. Simmons was in that category last year. Twins would be able to substitute with players on or off the 40 man as with COVID IL players.
  3. The next 17 games are absolutely critical. The Twins need to go 12-5 or better yet 14-3. Two games vs Oakland, 8 games vs Detroit, and 7 games against KC. That followed by 3 games in Toronto, 3 games vs Yankees, 3 games vs TB, and 3 games in Seattle. We need to bank as many wins as possible before we hit that stretch. Record:7-3
  4. Per Post game interview with Rocco, Bundy will start Tuesday’s game, Cotton dfa’d. Carlos hopes to be ready this series which means activated either Tuesday or Wednesday. Probably means either Lewis or Miranda sent down, with the other sent down for Larnach when he’s ready.
  5. Official Contreras optioned, Garlick activated and in lineup tonight.
  6. Kirilloff to St. Paul, Smeltzer up, Sano to 60 Day. It’s official. Ober on rehab to St. Paul.
  7. Looks like Smeltzer coming up. Maybe now Sano to 60 day?
  8. I’m assuming more roster moves today. Correa to IL, Arraez and Bundy to COVID-19 IL, Lewis now up, Kirilloff comes off IL, and I’m guessing Gray comes back early to take Bundy’s slot. Could be other moves as well. Sands since Gray and Archer aren’t going more than 4 innings until stretched out? Rotation will be Ryan, Paddack, Winder, Gray and Archer for now. Smeltzer could get the call soon.
  9. Growing up my favorite years had Herb, Merle Harmon, Halsey and the smooth Ray Scott doing broadcasts on both TV and radio. (Only about 30-35 games on TV). I liked Ryan Lefebvre and was sad to see him leave for KC. The most professional team we ever had was a few years on TV with Ted Robinson and Jim Kaat, like listening to a national broadcast. I do like Justin’s insights, a good change of pace to what Bert was. Like Smalley and Hawkins as well. And of course Dick B calls a good game.
  10. Wilson Ramos is still out there as a free agent. He’s not the hitter he used to be and he’s right handed, but he’s still good defensively. That’s who I’d go after.
  11. Paddack got out of the inning because he saw Stashak warming up. He wants to give them a chance to win. If Stashak comes in the game will become a blowout. I don’t know what Rocco sees in him. Duffy and Stashak are for blowouts only.
  12. Not too early to panic. He started downhill late last season. Velocity down a tick. Right now I consider him and Stashak to be mop up guys, good for blowouts one way or the other. No close games. At some point we need to look to the Saints, Minaya, Smeltzer, Cano and maybe Moran could be options down the road.
  13. Does anyone know who is on the Twins taxi squad this year? Since we’re on our first road trip, it might be interesting to know. Thanks.
  14. A lot of fans are going to be pissed if players get injured tonight. Rained all afternoon, still raining lightly with a severe thunderstorm watch til midnight. Heavy t-storms expected before 8 pm.
  15. Book this: On at least 6 occasions this summer, Buck and Carlos will lead off a game with back to back homers. That should calm down whoever is starting those games.
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