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  1. The ‘M’ hat goes with the blue top, home or away. Overall, I won’t be rushing out to purchase any of this stuff. It took two years to design this? Not impressed. Ugly new hats, don’t like the numbers. Yawn. I liked the red jerseys with the TC alternate and the original cream home alternates. Color me bored.
  2. One more spot available as Stashak has been waived and opted to become a minor league free agent. That’s now 36 spots on the 40 man taken.
  3. Does anyone else have problems with this web site crashing … a lot. I can’t get through a story or a topic without the site crashing 2-3 or more times. Sometimes if I’m posting it will crash 4 or 5 times. Very frustrating. I don’t know if it’s because of all the ads that make it go down, but something needs to be done. I’m using my iPad for reading and posting if that helps. Thanks.
  4. We know Sano will be dropped and Leon is a FA so they are locks. I’ve seen enough of Palacios and C Hamilton to add them to the list of locks. I would take Sands off your list. We still have a number of major leaguers who are on the 60 day IL who will need to be put on the 40 man for the winter, Kirilloff, Larnach, Paddack, Maeda, Lewis and Alcala. Others on the 60 day that are more questionable include Coulombe, Stashak, and Romero.
  5. Even at a $120M base for payroll, we will still have a huge amount of money. This year’s payroll was in the ballpark of $160M. Take away $35M for Correa, $9M for Sanchez, $10M for Sano, $8M if we trade Kepler, and the $6M we sent to SD in the Rogers trade and that takes $68M off the books, bringing us under the $100M mark. We have lots of young players making well under $1M on the roster. (off the top of my head - Miranda, Gordon, Kirilloff, Larnach, Jeffers, Celestino, Ober, Ryan, Winder, Varland, Duran, Moran, Megill, Jax, and Wallner and probably others that I’m not thinking of). So we still have plenty of money to play with.
  6. I was holding out hope that Correa might stay, but now I’m convinced he’ll be leaving. I don’t think Lewis will be ready until mid May. I would consider putting Urshela at short temporarily, Miranda at third, Kirilloff at first, Polanco at second. The bat we are missing is Buxton. I assume Kepler will be traded with Wallner taking over in right and Larnach in left. We have lots of spare pieces in Arraez and Gordon. We could use an upgrade as a backup centerfielder to Buxton because he will probably DH a lot. Hard to find a replacement for Sanchez as second catcher. The good news is that we will have at least $45M to play with (Correa and Sanchez salaries). Maybe the bat we are looking for might be Willson Contreras. The pitching staff has some good possibilities, including the bullpen. Alcala’s return will help. Maybe someone will take Pagan off our hands. No Paddack until mid to late August. But hopefully a rotation with Ryan, Gray, Mahle, Ober and Maeda, with Winder and Varland in the wings. Bullpen will include Lopez, Duran, Alcala, Moran, Megill, Jax and Theilbar and room for upgrades. I wouldn’t mind bringing Fullmer back as well. We’d still have a huge chunk of money to play with. Above all we need good health.
  7. Anyone care to speculate about who will come off the 40 man to reinstate Larnach and Jeffers? I’d say the most susceptible would be the two Hamiltons, Aaron Sanchez, and Mark Contreras, maybe Drew Stotman. I’ll reserve judgment on Jake Cave who will come off this winter. We still have a ton of other guys on the 60 day IL who will have to be reinstated for the off season - Lewis, Kirilloff, Maeda, Paddack, Alcala are locks. Next level guys - Coulombe, Stashak, Romero. For sure gone - Sano. Already gone, but still listed on the official 40 man, 60 day IL - Dobnak.
  8. Only the 4th time for Cotton? It feels like the 43rd time. Larnach DH’d for the Saints Thursday , Jeffers scheduled to DH on Friday. Both should be ready very soon. That will mean two more cuts to the Forty man to reinstate each of them. Rotation for the 5 game series against the Guardians- Ober on Friday, Winder and I assume Varland (as 29th man) on Saturday, Ryan on Sunday and Gray on Monday.
  9. So summation: Archer to 15 day IL, Sands to Saints, Winder recalled from IL, Cotton added to open spot on 40 man and recalled.
  10. Ashbury - was just going to make that change. Thanks for updating.
  11. Assume for now that Varland is 27th man for the doubleheader and another move will be made tomorrow to allow him to stay.
  12. Still one corresponding move will need to be made to free a space on the 40 man to add Hamilton. Other moves coming in the next week or two as Ober (60 day), Larnach, Winder, Buxton, Jeffers, Mahle, Sands all become available to come off the IL.
  13. Twins just claimed lefty Austin Davis from the Red Sox. He will be eligible for post season roster. I don’t know if he has any options or if he must be put on the 26 man roster, or if they can wait until tomorrow to officially add when we can add a pitcher and a position player. I believe there was already a spot available on the 40 man.
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