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  1. Watching tonight’s game on FS1 and the sound is fluctuating. That to me says it’s a problem with the Target Field sound system that should be looked into.
  2. Next three starters for the Saints are Shepard, Burrows and Ryan.
  3. How about Stotman? He’s on the 40 man, Albers and Ryan are not. Duran is on IL.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the sound on Bally Sports constantly fades in and out. It’s not my tv, no other channels fade like this. It drives me crazy. I use my remote to change the sound levels, but it goes from way too loud to so quiet you can’t hear. I tried emailing them, but got no response. I’m hoping someone from the channel sees this and fixes the problem.
  5. Who came up with the ugly uniforms for tonight’s game? One of the things I always loved was having everyone in their team’s regular uniforms. It was unique to baseball. These uniforms are terrible. Go back to tradition.
  6. You have to remember that beyond the 26 man roster, teams will have a five man taxi squad for road games this season. These players will be able to work out with the team and go on the road as well. One must be a catcher and that’s where the turtle will start the season, probably along with a 14th pitcher. This squad will likely have veterans who don’t need to play regularly. Saw the Twins are interested in Danny Santana, he could be another choice for the squad. He’s got versatility.
  7. Does anyone remember when the Chicago White Sox under Tony LaRussa went long stretches in the eighties with an 8-man pitching staff? Not an 8-man rotation, but a pitching staff of 8 and 17 position players. 4-5 starters and 3-4 relievers (maybe one swing-guy). My how things have changed. Not that long ago that a 10-man pitching staff was the norm. That's the way Bert liked it.
  8. I proposed this a couple of years ago: Regular schedule to 154 games; expand to 32 teams, total 8 playoff teams from each league; 4 4-team divisions each league, 2 conferences each league - 2 divisions each; 2 wild cards each conference; wild card teams may come from same division, based on record (so possible for 3 teams from one division); Conference semi-finals, best of 3; division winners 2 home games; best record division winner plays worst record wild card; Conference Finals, best of 5; Division winners always take first priority for home field advantage, best records second priority (if division winners both eliminated); Championship series, best of 7, conference winner vs conference winner; World series as normal, best record has home field advantage.
  9. I was always a Ryan Lefebvre fan. He did a great job before leaving for KC. Start mixing him in and give Dick some time off. Ryan would be a great replacement down the line. We need a Halsey Hall type as well. Now those were the days - Ray Scott, Herb Carneal and Halsey Hall. (in their prime, of course).
  10. Shane Robinson signed with the Braves on a minor league deal. Wilson Ramos is a Met, not TB Ray
  11. The big question is will Rosy give his uniform number to Josh? Can't have two guys with the number 20.
  12. My guess is that our next starter will come via trade. The positive news about the reacquisitions of Odo, Pineda and Romo is that when we do acquire players, they love the clubhouse atmosphere, the coaching staff and front office and the metropolitan area (so much so that many move here when their career is over). These should be great tools for recruitment of free agents.
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