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Article: Rule 5 Draft Preview: Diamond Hunting

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It is much more difficult to steal a player since baseball added another year of service before players become eligible. It is unlikely a guy like Santana would have been available under the current rules.


I think Sulbaran was rumored to part of the package the Reds were offering for Span.


Reflecting back on Santana, he was a 21 year old not close to ready for the majors when the Twins selected him. He was awful the first year and not at all useful the second. The Twins had tremendous patience. It is probably a good thing sites like this did not exist or he would certainly have been ripped regularly. He wasn't a full time starter until his 5th season (probably should have been third).


Anyone have the patience to wait 3 years for a guy? The Twins could look for a younger guy in A-ball and bet on the upside.


I think the Twins are taking some risk that some team will do similar with Adrian Salcedo this year.

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I always prefer:

Rule "V" draft.


Whenever we can we should also use Roman Numerals.


Looking at our current XL-man Roster I am not sure who I would drop for any of these guys.


They already dropped a player.

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