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Our left fielder is hurt! Our pitching coach is leaving! Our pet’s heads are falling off!




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Okay maybe things aren’t as bad as pets spontaneously losing heads. In fact they’re nowhere near that. 
However, it has been another weird week in Twins Nation and this one unlike any other with pitching coach Wes Johnson deciding to leave the organization effective after Thursday’s game. In this week’s episode of The Twins Nation Podcast my brother and I speculate on if there is any reason other than what has been stated as to why he would leave. We also discuss the team’s play and upcoming schedule including the big series vs. Cleveland that they are currently in the middle of and roster news and notes. Give it a listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts at.   https://www.podpage.com/twins-nation/our-left-fielder-is-hurt-our-pitching-coach-is-leaving-our-pets-heads-are-falling-off/


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