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Sanovial Fluid

The word down at Ichabod Crane’s Pub and Pablum: Head Cases Welcome is that Sano is to be traded to the San Diego Padres for four DisneyLand tickets, a 12-pack of 2019 Homerun Baseballs to be used only in the bottom of the 9th when the Twins are trailing and a Player To Be Named Much Later. In exchange the Twins will pick up Sano’s remaining 2022 salary in full, throw in a week’s stay at Madden’s Resort, a signed copy of “The Prospect” (in case it rains while staying at Madden’s) and a 12-pack o

It Don't Sano in July

You're the manager, you've run about 20 reports off your computer, had three statisticians, a data geek and a borrowed nun from St. Francis explain esoteric stuff that went right over your head and had you daydreaming like Goldie Hawn and you've now retreated to your manager's office and are debating about throwing darts at the player's roster, wondering who you're going to start at 1st Base. But Fast Frankie, the team's towel guy, has stuck a purple post-it note on your desk that you can't avoi

The Road To Baseball's Pearly Gates

The Years of the Rookies: 1982 and 2022 I’ve mentioned in several (okay, numerous) posts that as far as I was concerned the 2022 season is primarily a “look-and-see” season for the Minnesota Twins; a fish-or-cut-bait season for testing out those promising young players that have been shining at the minor league level. Are they ready to play at the major league level or aren’t they? If they are, we’re a contender in 2023. If not… back to the Baseball Trade Casino looking for “deals” follo

Gotch Your Back This Winter of Discontent!!

Okay, CBA negotiations are going nowhere fast, the start of spring training is only a wish, games are somewhere out there in the distant future, we're getting tired of reading about hypothetical trades, we're contemplating stepping in front of a pitching machine loaded with rocks... what can a fan do to get his baseball fix? Some time ago, probably 20 or so years back, during another long Minnesota winter, I began writing a baseball novel. I dicked around with it every winter since, adding

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly in Blog

Baldelli/Johnson Micced Up

Fly On The Dugout Wall Rocco Baldelli/ Wes Johnson “Was that a strike?” “It almost hit him in the ankle, boss.” “So it wasn’t a strike.” “Nope. Not even close. “Should I take him out?” “It’s only the first inning, boss.” “Yeah, but if he isn’t throwing strikes… that’s bad, ain’t it?” “You don’t want to bring in the bullpen just yet, boss.” “Why? Are they bad?” “Most of the time. But the point is if you go to the pen too early we’ll run out of pitchers before the game is

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly in Micced Up

What's With This Plating Thing?

We used to say clever things in baseball, using words that conveyed a sense of excitement; a sense of action. A batter delivered a crucial hit and you’d hear/read things like “Kepler drives in a run!” Or “Escobar scores on a key hit up the middle!”   “Drives” and “scores” are commonly used and easily understandable verbs that connote action and excitement. That’s a good thing.   But now if you read game wrap-ups on the Twins official site, our guys don’t do exciting things anymore (Which is true

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly

Ode to Cold Omaha

A worse fate for Cold Omaha could not have gone as well As watching the team called the Twins go completely to hell. There are infielders in the outfield and young outfielders looking in, Batters missing pitches and ineffective pitchers in the pen. Old arms are throwing homers while young flamethrowers are being hosed, Sitting in the minors counting the years on their toes. The manager seems baffled, the front office unaware While fans are leaving the stadium headed anywhere but there. Minnesota

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly

What Happened to the Latest Messiah?

I didn't catch (neither did JR Murphy) all the game last night even though it was at the top of my priority list. Why? Berrios, the latest Twins pitching Messiah, was supposed to take the mound. As it was I turned on the radio in the third inning and... Berrios was gone! Gone! Like in no longer in the game! The third inning! Okay. Like Forrest said, things happen. The kid might've fallen off the mound, caught a liner with his teeth, collided with Boy Mountain Sano while taking the field... Hell,

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly

Oh! The Experience!

Okay, you’re 8-25, 14 games out of first and one fifth of the season has already gone by the wayside. So what do you show for video highlights on your website? A single that drove in a run? A couple of catches in the outfield? Granted, getting an RBI is a rarity for this team, even a clean catch in the outfield is something to write home to mom about, but come on, is that all real baseball fans have to look forward to this season? What’s next? Mauer chewing bubble gum? A surreptitious sunflower

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly

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