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Did The Twins Get What They Paid For? Part Two (By Daddy Warbucks)

Dave The Dastardly



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Okay, so the Twins have "Farmed" out shortstop. Unless of course the FO goal is to quickly swap Farmer for two PTBNL, a broken down reliever and a partridge in a pear tree. Anyway, I asked Daddy Warbucks to give us a quick assessment of the financial impact of swapping the two shortstops.

Stats (2022)

Player       Salary     WAR     HR     Ave (Maria?)     RibEyes       OPS      Cost per WAR     Cost Per RBI

Correa      $35 mill    5.4      22        .291                     64            .834       $7 million           $546,875

Farmer     $3  mill     1.0       14         .255                    78            .701        $3 million           $   38,461


If you're the Twins accountant (or the Run Creator Coordinator), who's your Daddy?


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