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  1. Whoo… Polanco and Arraez up the middle will be tough to watch defensively. I suspect the FO is gonna try to help out their two (three?) young starting pitchers and get a solid defender at SS.
  2. Going into the series Rocco made sure everyone knew that this team didn't care about the history between these two clubs. And while he's right regarding the coaches and players, he omitted one big part of the equation, the fans. This series means A LOT to us fans of the team. The past 20 years have been brutal when Minnesota meets New York in both the regular season and playoffs. Personally, I don't know if I can handle another sweep to the Yankees.
  3. Of all the stadiums I've been to (only seen about half) this one is my favorite. It was designed by world-class and 2006 AIA Gold Medal winner Antoine Predock. And it shows. Every corner of this place was taken into consideration. Anyone heading out to the West Coast needs to add this on their itinerary.
  4. I think Ted might have this one backwards. If I was Derek and Thad, I'd trade Escobar, keep Dozier. Escobar would likely bring in more trade value at this point. Let Dozier continue to heat up. Give him a qualifying offer at the end of the season (which he would turn down) and gain the draft pick. Go after Escobar again in the off-season. This does leave a hole at Third for the rest of this season. You basically hope Sano figures it out and can return to the hot corner. Gordon comes up next year.
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