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  1. 1.) Francona had to do a 3 man rotation to even have a chance against the Cubs. I thought he was the better manager of the series. 2.) Maddon pulled his starters way too early for his bullpen in game 6 & 7. Cubs talent won despite some of his moves.
  2. This is exactly were I am at. In no way should we sign a high priced, long term catcher like Ramos who is very injury prone. Almost every team wishes they had a better catcher. Spend money elsewhere. I would go with Murphy and Garver next year.
  3. I like this point, because I see on TD all the time we need to go out and get a catcher, but this proves there are no good options out there to get. I also believe Suzuki has value because of this.
  4. I would trade Dozier or Polanco, whichever gets me the best value.
  5. My candidates to be traded would be Park, Plouffe, Gibson, E. Santana. All I think could get something decent and all would clear up some roster space.
  6. I think Hunter did matter to this team. He elevated a mediocre team. You saw a locker room having fun and was loose. Leadership and chemistry among a team matters. How often did you see dance parties, karaoke, award ceremonies on social media. All those things were lead by Hunter. He may not be the only person in the MLB to elevate a team, but no one on this team took that position over.
  7. I live in MN so the Twins are blacked out. But, for the last 3 years, without cable, I have purchased it for the love of watching good baseball. Well worth the money if you want to watch Super Stars or great pitching matchups. Also, even if your team is "blacked out" you can watch the game 15 min after it concludes.
  8. Would it be crazy to bat Mauer leadoff? I agree, for a limit time, bench Park and play Kepler. Something like this: 1. Mauer 2. Escobar 3. Dozier 4. Plouffe 5. Sano DH 6. Kepler 7. Rosario 8. Suzuki 9. Buxton
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