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  1. Awesome game! Thought it was interesting they left Astudillo in to play 2B - and he made a nice play - rather than swap in Adrianza to play SS and shift Arraez over. Makes me worried they aren’t expecting Marwin back and are seeing how far they can stretch Willians.
  2. Everyone loves a dinger, and around these parts we've had plenty of them to admire this year. One thing that's pretty interesting is that the Twins are not only leading the league in home runs but also in runs scored per game (the bombas help, of course!). To better visualize how the Twins run scoring (and runs allowed stack up), this chart shows the per game averages for every team in the league. Any team above the dotted line has a positive run differential, every team below it is negative. In addition, each team's logo is also scaled by their winning percentage. Being in the top left
  3. I hope the 70% of TD posters that spell his name ‘Duffy’ appreciate this write up as much as I do
  4. Would folks consider Wade (if healthy) or the forgotten man - Nick Gordon - as 2 guys currently on the 40 man? Any reads on Gordon's speed/baserunning?
  5. Given the depth of discussion about the differences in remaining schedule between Cleveland and the Twins, thought a visual snapshot might help put things into focus. Through the games on 8/20, each team has 36 games left. This chart highlights how those games stack up by opponent while also showing how each team has performed so far. A few notes & takeaways: As this community is well aware, the teams have 6 games left head to head (the top row of the chart) Similarly, both have 7 left against the White Sox going into today's game The big advantage of course is the 17 games the Tw
  6. Hard to argue given it certainly seems like he had fallen to the bottom of the pecking order, interesting the Twins would cut him loose vs. sending down a guy with options (Littell or Duffey). Speaks to some confidence in those guys though.
  7. What's the buzz on the starter vs. Detroit tonight? Sending down Smeltzer most likely...Pineda back?
  8. The May/Hildy swap (for 1 batter) seemed a little over the top? Strange to get May warmed & in the game to not even let him start the 9th.
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