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  1. The only thing close to an ace next year is again Trevor Bauer, and it seems that the Twins were not serious contenders for his services this year, so I don't see it. The Twins are better off finding a second- or third-tier pitcher whom they feel can make a jump up, as they did with Maeda. Remember, it isn't the best starting pitcher that helps a team the most; it is the team with the best six starting pitchers. Sure, Bauer instead of Happ would make the team better--but another Maeda instead of Happ would help almost as much at a fraction of the price. I want a true ace as much as anyone, but we have to face the reality that everyone does, and getting (or retaining) the can't-miss ace costs a team dearly--just ask Nationals fans.
  2. Spring Training tickets are on sale now. I'm buying some tickets for either Friday, March 6 vs. STL or Monday, March 9 vs ATL. Would anyone be interested in a meetup? We could do brunch before the game and then head to Hammond Stadium. Feel free to PM me or just feel it out in replies here.
  3. Thegrin, maybe I agree...If the Twins really believe his struggles this year were due to the illness, then fine. But the illness may simply be a confusing factor; perhaps Gibson is simply declining from an already inconsistent career?
  4. I can't disagree with a lesser bat at first base, as long as they aim a bit higher than C.J. Cron. I'm not so sure Mitch Moreland is that guy, but maybe Justin Smoak. (And part of me says they could get Encarnacion for quite a bit less than $14M--hard to predict.)
  5. Nah, I never thought that--I liked that you liked my optimism. Wasn't trying to insinuate otherwise; I'll tweak my wording to avoid confusion. Thanks! I agree because I am sick of pessimism in sports fandom. The way I see it, the Twins have won the championship in two out of the 43 years I've been a fan, which is more than our even share. They had a decent chance to win it in 2019, and I think they can go for it again in 2020. The Wild usually win more than they lose, and the Vikings contend for the division every year. We should not be complaining.
  6. That sounds great too. I can't help but think they can do better than Cron, though.
  7. Hmm, let's look at the body of work for Howie Kendrick vs. Edwin Encarnacion. They're both below average fielders. Kendrick's fielding numbers are a bit better in 2018 thought not in 2019, but are we talking about half a WAR over the season? In 2019, EE played less in the field. I'd suspect that the Twins would judge this with scouting better than we can. I like Kendrick, but I like EE's power more. Either one would be a good pickup and a better option than Cron.
  8. I want to fill three of those spots with better than Hamels and one with prospects. Dobnak seems ready to me, and if he proves he's not, we have four other options (down from five since Gonsalves left). But I can't fault you for wanting just a bit more depth. Is Vance Worley available?
  9. >"Cron had a 900 OPS before the thumb injury". I'm not convinced. If the Twins are sure that his disappointing year was all due to injury, then I'm fine with offering him arbitration. But I'm more inclined to look at his career numbers and move on. If not Cron, who would you target at 1B? And I'm all in favor of bringing back Pineda at a reasonable rate, I'm just not convinced he's a better choice than Dobnak, Smeltzer, or Graterol. Better in 2020, perhaps--but if you never give your prospects a chance, what's the point in developing them? I'm quoting AAV for any guaranteed years--good catch on that nuance though!
  10. I like it, but I'm hoping they aim higher. I'm about done with "solid replacement"--that's how the Twins end up swept by superior pitching in the ALDS. Let's do better than Hamels.
  11. I'm going with Encarnacion as a most-days first baseman for a year, then DH for a year. Seems like a perfect fit to me without a long-term commitment. More: http://twinsdaily.com/blog/91/entry-11697-from-contender-to-champion-my-plan-for-the-2020-minnesota-twins/
  12. I think I'm on your side mostly...but the Twins do need a first baseman. Here's my plan: http://twinsdaily.com/blog/91/entry-11697-from-contender-to-champion-my-plan-for-the-2020-minnesota-twins/
  13. Great plan! I think we are on the same wavelength, but I'm hoping to get two top-6 pitchers, rather than one plus Rendon. I'm assuming Rendon is going to demand too much, in years and in dollars, to be considered wise, but I agree they should try--not all-in, but close. Here's my plan: http://twinsdaily.com/blog/91/entry-11697-from-contender-to-champion-my-plan-for-the-2020-minnesota-twins/
  14. I don't see Wheeler going for that low a salary, and I'm not sure I'd want to buy high on just-over-the-hill Moustakas. And what do you think you're going to get for Rosario? He's worth more to the Twins, who need his position, than to any other team. But I like your general direction. Here's my plan: http://twinsdaily.com/blog/91/entry-11697-from-contender-to-champion-my-plan-for-the-2020-minnesota-twins/
  15. PSzalapski

    2020 Blueprint

    Not a fan of that trade! What if Duran turns into a mid-rotation quality starter? Now you've give up two potential all-star hitters as well for...a quality starter. Here's my plan: http://twinsdaily.com/blog/91/entry-11697-from-contender-to-champion-my-plan-for-the-2020-minnesota-twins/
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