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  1. Matt Canterino, Jordan Balazovic, and if you could somehow manage to get Alex Kiriloff would be sweet.
  2. Unless Graterol blows out his arm in the next couple years. You may very well be right about this but graterol seems to have a bit of violent throwing motion thats all arm and no body.
  3. Lol yeah, who the hell wants "balance" when you can just hit 300+ home runs?
  4. it worked for Tampa Bay. Also, I don't mean only using them every 5 days.
  5. I like the idea of a platoon of Graterol, Smeltzer, Thorpe as the #5 starter. Each going 2 or 3 innings. It would help stretch out Graterol without blowing up his arm and give him experience facing mlb hitters.
  6. Alex Wood is still on the board and tbh idk why the twins havent nabbed him yet. He's not gonna melt faces but he should be relatively cheap and I can see him bouncing back to a quality #3 type starter. Plus, we're in need of a lefty.
  7. Yeah I really don't understand it either or how much of a factor it really is.. Then you got the flip side of the argument where in July-September in Minn it's a beautiful 80-85 degrees compared to mid 90's and worse in a lot of other parts of the country.
  8. NY is almost certainly where we'll find ourselves early next october so let's go get someone that can handle it.
  9. I obviously can't speak for Seth but seeing Thor play in Minnesota would be a little extra special because we have such a large scandinavian population. His dad is also a self described "Iowa farm boy."
  10. No mention of Alex Wood? I'd really like to see the twins try and get him, i think he could still be a very good #4. He's only 28 and his price tag might be down significantly (so we can throw it all at Wheeler).
  11. Great article. I'm not sure why Larnach is ranked so much better than Rooker. Rooker looks better on paper and has a full season at the AAA level and can play first. Can someone explain why that is?
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