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  1. Why is Caleb Hamilton even on the roster? He can't hit or run I don't think his defense is much better than Leon. Next year I could live with Jeffers and get Rotverdt back. Not great but at least one can play defense and bat LH.
  2. So you have a double header and your starting pitcher in game 1 has given up 1 run through 5.1 inning and what 80 pitches and you take him out so you can use your bullpen up for the rest of the day? Of course it was the dreaded 3rd time through the order and no one can pitch through the order 3 times right? I hat the way Rocco handles the pitching staff. I suppose it's all analystics bs
  3. Why did the Twins call up Hamilton when they put Buxton on the IL? We're down another outfielder so we add a catcher?
  4. If you get a chance watch the Pirates/Orioles game highlights from yesterday on a similar play at the plate where the catcher obviously blocks the plate and tags the runner out and the play was NOT overturned. I assume the same replay officials watched both plays? Not sure hoe many people we have in NY making calls. Seems like a stupid rule. What happens at first base it the throw takes the 1st baseman into the path of the runner? He goes and tries to field it and the runner can and usually does run into him, why is home plate different?
  5. If you get a chance watch a similar play in the pirates/orioles game where the catcher blocked the plate more than Sanchez did and they did not call him for interference. Aren't the same people in NY making the calls?
  6. Martin and Miranda should get it done. We have plenty of middle infielders. I think Spencer Steer is going to be better than either one of those two. IMO
  7. Well I hope Falvey and Levine noticed that we had 2 relievers that were rested but the manager doesn't even want to use them because he thinks any other pitcher even though over used would be better than them. so we are really 2 relief pitchers short. So go ahead and make a trade or two I think we can find room for a couple of major league level pitchers. NOW
  8. I'd much rather include Miranda in a deal than Kiriloff. Miranda's defense is average at best. I think they are trying to showcase him a bit otherwise they would have sent him down and brought up Kiriloff by now. IMO
  9. When I saw Rocco put Duffy in I couldn't believe it, I knew the game was over. Good Bye Duffster
  10. Need 1 more frontline starter and a good set up man or closer.
  11. I would guess that Polanco plays today but couldn't pinch hit last night instead of Gordon? We have the fastest guy (Buxton) on first and the only pitch the Royals pitcher is throwing are breaking balls and we don't have Buxton or Correa steal? DFA Duffy
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