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  1. Well that's pretty depressing after hearing all year long that we have some promising pitchers in our system only to find out now that there really not that good. Looks a like a long rebuild
  2. So about the hitting or lack of. Can we find a different hitting coach? Also Alzolay came in and we pinch hit for one guy while we had 5 LH batters on the bench. I guess the Turtle and Refsnyder are just too good to hit for? RH batters hit 177 against Alzolay LH hitters 277, good coaching.
  3. Package Cave, Gordon, Austidillo and Colume for anything you can get and make some room for younger players.
  4. Sign him he's the only player worth going to watch play (when he does) and it's not like we grow 5 tool players on trees in Mpls.
  5. We do not need Jake Cave, Austidillo or Simmons next year. Package all of them with Rooker and make room for some young kids. Next year: Catcher Garver and Jeffers 1B Sano/Kepler 2B Araez/Polanco SS Freddy Galvis?3B Donaldson/Miranda DH Sano/Donaldson/Araez OF Larnach/Buxton/Kepler/Refsnyder
  6. How good is Jermaine Polacios"s defense at SS? Could he be an option next year with the big club?
  7. Byron Buxton is the reason to go watch a game, he is worth the price of admission. Whether it is running down a ball in the outfield or hitting a triple or stealing a base. He can change the game on both sides of the ball, we don't or probably won't ever have that type of talent again. Pay him and pray he stays healthy for 120 games. Plus I don't think we will get a great offer after this year.
  8. I am wondering how this trade may affect the rule 5 draft eligible players. I know it's a little early to think about but if we make a number of trades for minor leaguers who will we have to protect or do we include some in trades to get better value?
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