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    I'm a homer. I know nothing about baseball and yet I will offer an opinion
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  1. This is the greatest idea in baseball history!! Wait… breaking the race barrier in the major leagues was better. But still, GREAT IDEA!!
  2. I’ve never once said that vaccines aren’t science or support of vacccines is mob thinking. Go back and actually read what I’ve written. I’m not going to repeat myself if you just plain don’t read
  3. Yes I do think he’s saying that. But that doesn’t negate the only other tweet he’s made on the subject. Mob thinking on any side is wrong. But you can’t say that Simmons is participating in it. I have a good friend who’s daughter just started speaking her first words. She got her vaccinations one day and he says (and I believe him) that that was the last day she said anything. That was 18 years ago and she is still non verbal. He’s anti vax and I can’t blame him one bit. Simmons says he has personal reasons to not get vaccinated. That’s enough for me. I got vaccinated and I doubt Simmons would care.
  4. The only issue that I have with his latest tweet is that he misspelled effects. He doesn’t contradict his prior post in the least. He’s making a passive aggressive smart a** statement and there are people just waiting to make a big deal out of nothing. I think if you asked him directly, he’d say “do what’s best for you and your family” Mob thinking is more infectious than COVID
  5. That’s what you claimed he said. He literally said the opposite. I was correcting you
  6. I’m not suggesting that the Twins can’t DFA anyone for any reason on or off the field. The issue I have is with groups of people who aren’t attached to a company thinking that they have the right to have someone fired. It’s happening way to frequently these days. This mob rule mentality is misplaced power. That is the first amendment argument. Mobs don’t have the right to try restrain someone else’s first amendment right.
  7. I have a hard time getting excited about pitching prospects when the Twins are clearly never going to hold on to them after they have developed. I'm tired of the Twins developing pitchers for other teams. (Yup still p***ed about Berrios)
  8. Of course he does. And I have a right to mine. Calling for the dismissal of a person because you don't like their opinion (even though their opinion has absolutely nothing to do with their job) is frightening. I'll grant you, if this was "tongue in cheek" like the articles I'm used to from Stu, I totally missed that. If someone wants to inform me that this was just satire, i'll apologize and shut up about it.
  9. It shouldn’t. But the thrust of the article disagrees with your statement. That is what I have a problem with the article.
  10. Also if someone is taking medical advice from Simmons or Cousins, that person is an idiot. But again nobody deserves to get fired over having an opinion i don’t hold.
  11. I agree he didn’t live up to expectations. I agree that he could be let go because of he sucks. But to suggest he be let go over his stance on COVID is frightening.
  12. I’m missing the quotes where he’s actively trying to dissuade people from getting vaccinated. And even if he is, the first amendment is not just for popular opinions but its for the stupid people too
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