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  1. Paul Dejong of St. Louis would be a much better trade target than Andrus. Better bat ( low average but decent power) and better defense, too. Starting shortshop for the past 4 years. Makes " only" $6 million this year, $9 million next year. Would only cost perhap Rooker or a double AA pitching prospect. I'd go only after Andrus if we can expand the deal to get one or more of the A's staring pitchers.
  2. I agree with you Ted. Give him 25-30 starts like Stroman and he'll give you the same 10 wins (maybe some undeserved) or 10 quality starts as Stroman did in 2021. The same holds true for Ober and Ryan. I can't believe someone who would pay $25 million a season for a career 61-60 pitcher. Sign Big Mike, maybe an Alex Wood who the lockout ends and trade for another starter and let's roll. Maybe not the rest rotation money can buy but you go to war with the army you've got.
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