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  1. They have NO NUMBER ONE OR TWO STARTING PITCHERS You tell me, what they have done to get fans excited for 2022 besides buxton! P.S. What did they do with the Berrios money. Hmmm
  2. Castillo or bust great pitcher our new number 1. Trade with the Reds
  3. For a one year player? Can you say hell no, to much to give up only if he signs a three year extension
  4. We need high level. Major league young starter plus two other minor league players close to majors.
  5. Take it or be traded. Injured for extend periods EVER YEAR. NOT WORTH MORE. TRADE HIS ASS IF NOT ACCEPTED. THAT S just my take
  6. Trade Buxton. Hurt every year for lengthy periods. For a Starting pitcher and third baseman. Sign ss correra
  7. We need two veteran pitchers via trade or out right signing them. otherwise we have great depth of mlb ready pitchers at AAA and AA ps. Bring up Miranda. He is a beast put him at third end Donaldson packing!
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