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  1. Love the addition of the drafted and traded player stats. That’s a useful and fun read. Also, was Acuña’s little bro close to the top 20?
  2. Whoa, out two months with Covid for SWR? Yikes. also, as good a game as sabato had, I still think he’s a non prospect. How can you be so “hot” for a month and only average .273? This dude can’t put the bat on the ball. He’ll get carved to pieces as he advances. And, only two 3-hit games?
  3. Some observations from the saints game : Sisk’s delivery is pretty weird, and fun to watch Hellman is tiny! His shoulders are so narrow. Palacios can really field making a great diving catch. Him and Beckham look really good at the plate. saints really do out on a good show
  4. Whoa, 2019 draftees are eligible already? You don’t get much time to develop them before a 40 man decision do you?
  5. Daaaaaaaamn. That was an awesome draft for the Twins! I wish we could have kept Petty. Think of the daily minor league reports with CES, Hajjar, Festa, Povich, Miller, AND Petty all lighting it up! I hope we have a draft like that tonight!!
  6. I didn’t know people were so attached to Winder. I like him too, but I’m not sure his ceiling is very high. Same with balazovic who has shown literally nothing this year. I know his trade proposal seems steep, but you have to give to get.
  7. Thanks for the report. Sort of a ho hum might across the minors. Didn’t Miranda have two homers last night? I may be mixing up my days.
  8. Hell yeah! Enlow’s back. He was dealing when he got hurt last year. It would be such a boon to see him get back on track as a high pick. I feel like Sabato, Wallner, and Cavaco are all non prospects. Maybe one or two of them sniffs the majors, but I guarantee not one is an impact. Really too bad.
  9. Thanks for the review Seth. A question I’ve had for a while is, is there anyone available to put together a Sunday minor league report on days we have a week in review post?
  10. Where did Raya go? He had that awesome start and then he’s been missing from these reports all week.
  11. I love it. I don’t even care if we trade Buxton in this scenario. I sort of welcome a bit of an overhaul and nabbing a team’s number one prospect is a pretty nice proposition. I like the additions and that team could be pretty competitive.
  12. Joe Ryan, what a damn stud. I hope this trade works out for both parties, but it seems to be showing some early excellent returns for us!
  13. If it’s not one of the frequently mentioned players people have listed, how about Alerick Soularie. He’s supposed to be a tool shed and has been hitting decently this year after his injuries. Someone mentioned Enlow and that’s a sneaky good pick too.
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