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  1. Apparently they are at least talking to Ray.
  2. I could see trying to trade either Rogers or Duffey. But not both. And definitely not releasing them
  3. I like Berrios, don't get me wrong. But i really don't view him as an ace. Honestly, i don't think the Twins did either. I don't think he would've got traded this year if he was.
  4. I'm not sure how they are alike. I always thought of Michael as a "safe" pick
  5. I think it's too early to call him a bust considering the lack of plate appearances.
  6. I'm not sure about anyone else, but i think I've seen enough from Charlie Barnes.
  7. I am intrigued with him as well. Gotta say I'm a little surprised with his early success.
  8. I'm very optimistic. I think we see Joe Ryan sooner than later. I also think the growing pains Larnach went through will pay off in the coming years. Same as Kiriloff and Toilet. In some ways they remind me of what Hrbek and others went to through. Difference way more talent overall on this current team. Polanco has impressed me. He's never gonna be a great defensive player, but his bat is legit. I had my doubts.
  9. I liked what they got for Cruz and Berrios. Shocked we were able to get anything for Happ or Robles. Only a B- because we didn't deal Simmons or Big Mike
  10. It's funny. I'm actually in St Louis this week. They seem excited about Happ. Beautiful ballpark by the way.
  11. More likely this. I don't think Buxton's camp would bother with a counter offer if he didn't want to be here.
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