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  1. Terrible call. I used to ump for extra cash in college and i called that maybe once, and only because it was blatant. This was not
  2. Supposedly, Prielipp. Sorry for the spelling, has agreed to an overslot deal
  3. I'm kind of intrigued with Carson Whistenhunt.
  4. Reading up on the first couple picks, it's hard not be excited.
  5. Hopefully his injuries are a thing of the past.
  6. Don't remember, but i was under the assumption he wasn't sticking at short due to his arm. I stand corrected
  7. So with an average arm, I'm guessing he might be destined for 2nd base?
  8. Interesting with Rocker going at 3. I was thinking teens at the earliest
  9. I do think it was worth it. When he's on, JD is very dangerous and a solid 3rd baseman to boot. I don't recall him being w clubhouse problem, wasn't he the one who bought the team bathrobes? Usually bad clubhouse guys don't do things like that
  10. Saw somewhere Jax is touching 96 and consistently sitting at 94. I know he wasn't doing that last year
  11. Castillo would be fantastic. I imagine the price would be high
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