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  1. The Royals waived Anthony Swarzak and he is now a free agent. Get on the phone Falvine!
  2. The infield shifting is an interesting one. Say you have an left handed batter who is an extreme pull hitter. Would a manager take the LFer and put him in the deep INF position in RF.
  3. Byron Buxton has as many walks as he does stolen bases. 2
  4. Former Twins great Mike Morin DFA'ed by Milwaukee
  5. He made the roster but they cut Francisco Liriano
  6. Are they going to retrogive Johan Santana a Cy Young too?
  7. Joe Benson played for Southern Maryland in the Atlantic League last year. .219 /283/.316/.599 in 96 games
  8. Former Twins great Juan Centeno signs a ML deal with the Red Sox
  9. If Mauer stays healthy/not be traded, he should finish the season 2nd on the all time Twins Games Played list, and also surpass the 1800 Games Played plateau. Also, Mauer should pass Puckett (7831) in Plate Apperances sometime late in the season, it'll be close but Mauer probably wont get to 8000 this season. Mauer will probably get to 1000 strikeouts by the All Star break, Dozier should reach 500 RBI and 600 runs scored this season. If all goes well, Sano (74) should reach 100 HRs this year
  10. Its going to stink when the Wolves (currently on CCO) are in the NBA Finals and the Twins get sidled to some other channel.
  11. Because back in the 2000s CBS Radio (which owns CCO and other "hertiage" radio station around the country) decided they didnt want to pay for baseball anymore. Thats how you got The Cardinals leaving KMOX (but eventually going back)
  12. According to baseball-reference, the current career leader is Alexi Casilla! (87.912)
  13. If the Twins win a title, I bet they hand out rings to Terry Ryan and Billy Smith. So, I think Perk would get one. I think Perkins would be good in the FSN booth for a few series a year.
  14. Joe Mauer's next double will be his 400th in his career.
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