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  1. Any thoughts on a specific date, yet? (So I can do a little financial planning....) You probably are thinking of holding off until AFTER the Twins win a Series or two?
  2. Good game for Cron to return on: 1.051 OPS lifetime vs. Duffy. Marwin is 1.000 OPS vs. Duffy. Garver .000 OPS vs. Duffy (0-8). Time to regress to the mean and mash that lefty.
  3. Yep. And as much as it will hurt if he ends up having a great career, the Twins played it right in selling high on a non-top 30 for an immediate (and desperate) need.
  4. I would hope so. Even low cost guys like Lucroy are being DFA'd. The article mentions veteran LHP Tony Sipp. Playoff experience with Houston. Hot hand since May 15. Super cheap contract with 2020 option. Guys like this need to have the tires throughly kicked. Little to lose, a lot to gain. And still an open 40-man spot available?
  5. I was talking about the Twins calling the Reds, not the Indians. No way the Tribe would have dealt Bauer within the division, or even the AL.
  6. IIRC, you and a bunch of other posters roughed me up on the other thread a couple weeks ago when I said May was on the bubble.... but May, in point of fact, was imploding right before our eyes. Rocco finally left him out there a couple Sundays ago, agonizingly and evidently cluelessly twisting in the wind, as 1)"punishment" for his recent horrendous performances. 2)sending an SOS to the FO to make deals for RP help ASAP 'cause May is useless. If May didn't "get the message" from all of the other "Ms" who were DFA'd, his "puishihment outing" and now, only throwing 1 pitch when up by 5 runs, he never will. But something has to be done about May's situation. His stuff is too good. But the need for another effective RP is too critical. He can't fill up a roster spot in the current situation. Since they didn't/couldn't trade him before the deadline, I would hope May would agree to go on an IL "rehab assignment" before the Twins just "cut bait."
  7. Yes, there is a very strong way you can do it, and the Twins better do it. They just need to make sure they apply "Games Played" bonus clauses to his extension contract. Extra $1/2Million$ when he hits 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 games played threshold. And $5million$ if he can play all 162. He's that much of a difference maker and maybe he'll finally get the fact that it's not worth it to his team and his earning power in taking too many undue risks out there in CF.
  8. Tell me about it. Going into Thursday's game, Anthony La Panta said the Twins are something like 56-24 in games that Buxton started and 9-17 in games he didn't. Pretty incredible.
  9. Did anyone see how Buck hurt his left shoulder? Did he plant it into the wall in Miami on Thursday?
  10. The less pitches May has thrown his last 2 appearances, >>>checks May's game log one more time<<<, the better the results...
  11. Qualified like. Once certified healthy, I would suggest a little time at AAA and the MLB ball before promoting Graterol. Plus, the Twins should be cautious with him about overuse on multiple consecutive days' appearances.
  12. 1000 times this. Why? Why take Pineda out after only 80 pitches (we "had" to utilize the PH option, Why?)? Pretty funny moment transpired on TV in real time- Bert Blyleven was about ready to leave the booth and go down to the dugout and throttle the entire braintrust- but he held off, and bit his tongue, apparently wanting to go out of his broadcast gig without controversy- the patented. Twins Happy Talk Way.
  13. I wasn't proposing anything like a Hicks/Murphy swap. I despised it at the time. And how is it you assume that I, or the Twins, would base my observation on one game? Re: subjects of the trade: You mean for the position that Polanco, and then possibly Lewis are going to occupy for the next 10-15 years? Your comment doesn't even add up, as Lewis is much higher than a Top 60 and never would have been part of a One-For-One trade.
  14. All's fair in love and war. And the Indians couldn't get Bauer out of Cleveland fast enough. The Twins, at the very least, should have made a very serious inquiry on Bauer.
  15. Bauer from Reds? Kennedy from Royals? 6 good arms from Marlins? Seems like they were get-able.
  16. This Kernels team hasn't had anyone jump off the page statistically all season, until Steer arrived. How did Steer look in the field? I ask this because looking at the 2B/3B/SS options currently at Fort Myers, it doesn't appear that any of the above should be blocking Speer from a promotion to A+ level in August. His plate numbers this year and his remarkable improvement in his junior year at Oregon suggest he's made a quantum leap forward in 2019 offensively. The big drawback is his apparent lack of power. Does his glove work suggest he can provide quality help to the Twins in a "Adrianza utility role with a better bat" in the next couple of years?
  17. I was relieved that Dyson came into play in the 11th hour. But it could have, should have been even more. The Twins cleared 4 roster spaces, so I suspect they thought they were going to get more. And unfortunately, this could have been accomplished largely within the risk-avoiding parameters the FO, and we both aspire towards. For example: The Marlins were open for business for their annual fire sale... The Twins were sitting in the front row seat! Obtaining any of Gallen, Lopez and Smith would have immediately upgraded the Twins rotation, and the Marlins have/had a small handful of intriguing pen throwers in addition to Romo. The Twins' relief pitching staff woes were addressed, and they have staunched the bleeding for now. But I would love to find out if there was a legitimate offer to the Reds for Bauer, and what it truly would have taken to get MB from the Giants. What the Stros accomplished makes what the Twins did this week seem like the definition of an exercise in futility.
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