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  1. They spent 8 mil on JA Happ. I'd say that Pineda is a better look than that even at his age and availability.
  2. All I can really think about is seeing him in a Yankees jersey putting up stupid numbers. That feels gross. It's not my money but I hope they spend it.
  3. This sounds reasonable. I would have liked to see them do that with May, too.
  4. My exact quote in the 9th “my god, they are going give up a grand slam” bang “Of course.”
  5. I think he wants to get back to playing and prove he's worth more. Doesn't eliminate all the obvious information about the past struggles. If he really thinks he can stay healthy and thump I don't know why the incentives aren't enough... though of course maybe they were low too. Don't know.
  6. The fact that this seems to be happen quite frequently leaves me to believe we need to fire a few people and hire a few more
  7. Short but sweet. Cruz will always be a favorite. I hope he gets a ring and now I have another team to root for this year (who might even win a playoff game!).
  8. The word on the street is that 2011 happened because I moved out of the state the year prior. Unconfirmed but believed in some circles to be true. I used to help manage Rapid Park and my office was approx where home plate is now and I remember in 2010 how weird it was that there was a stadium where I used to drive a golf cart around in the mornings drinking coffee. Appreciate the breakdown @Brock Beauchamp I was definitely watching but getting old messes with my memory (could also be all the whiskey)
  9. Ok, this makes a lot more sense. I haven't really missed many games since the mid 2000's and I simply couldn't recall one. I appreciate the reply!
  10. When was the last twins fire sale? I haven't had my coffee yet and my head is fuzzy. 20....16? 17?
  11. I was very uncertain about JD because of limited play last year and then immediate injury this year. It's easy to complain about salaries, but at the end of the day it isn't my money. Only in the last month have I really been warming up to JD. Also, I don't understand how using spider tack on the ball is less cheaty than banging on trash cans. Both are cheating. I teach and if I catch a student cheating just once in the semester it's still.... cheating. Sometimes I find out several have done it several times and the result is the same as the ones who cheat just once. You could argue the trashtro's cheating was more elaborate than using a hidden, engineered substance on the ball, sure. However, at a base level both are BS. I was happy to see him call it out. You might disagree with the method of him doing so, but you can't hate the dude for saying what was happening is BS. Also, at least he's got a bit of fire in him.
  12. Well, speculation on a future that is less bleak than the current reality is the appeal there me thinks.
  13. Not the first to say it of course, but I really hate the runner on in extra innings. We still would have lost on 2 pitches, but it does not look like a professional game when you get a freebie in extra innings.
  14. #2 all the way. I blame Bally 94% and 6% on Bert no longer doing games.
  15. Cruz. I have lost faith in Sano. Hopefully Nelly rubs off on him more.
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