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  1. Okay wait the Tigers aren't on here at all? And the White Sox? That's WEIRD.
  2. You forgot to mention that Simmons is batting .450, I mean, we never thought he would be an offensive piece but he has been, it's been cool
  3. I just like that both Cruz and Buxton are on my fantasy team
  4. I have one question, and I don't know if anybody really knows the answer, but what happens to the old Saints players who played before the Saints became the Twins AAA team? Does anyone know?
  5. I don't know why but the picture of Rosario in the Indians uniform scared me so bad... I guess it's just not what I'm used to haha.
  6. I don't know about everyone else but I think a lot of articles are written about Twins acquiring Rockies, and they never do...
  7. So many articles about Hansel Robles God this offseason is slow
  8. Polanco at utility: makes sense Semien at short: makes sense Trading Arraez: makes no sense Seriously, I've said this before, they can't trade this guy, he's their best contact hitter.
  9. Hold up they don't need a backup catcher, right? They have Garver and Jeffers, who can platoon. I don't think they need to sign anyone else.
  10. Trading Arraez makes no sense. He's basically the only person who hits for contact in their lineup (other than power) and they need that contact hitter. It also doesn't make sense to trade Lewis if you think about the future Twins. It just doesn't make sense.
  11. I say run it back. I've liked where the Twins have been in '19 and '20 so I think that makes the most sense for them as an organization.
  12. Oh my God- it's so complicated. The money is complicated, the owners are complicated, even the schedule is so freaking complicated. Wow.
  13. I think do everything possible to re-sign Cruz, but maybe use a rotation for DH or go sign a first baseman and play Sano at DH. The only downside to that is Sanó is very streaky. I know it's not perfect so go after Cruz
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